Joe Lieberman Spotted in Brooklyn Heights

Photo: Chris Arnade

Brooklyn Bugle pal/super-awesome photographer Chris Arnade caught sad sack/U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman wandering around Brooklyn Heights this weekend. He writes:

Oh Joe, you rascal you. Such an ability to frustrate, an opportunist who seems to carry around a basket of grudges. Joementum!

I ran into him today walking in Brooklyn Heights. He agreed to pose for a picture. I thanked him for his work on gay rights, then we shook hands. He does have a great face to photograph, one of those people who looks like a puppet.

My weekend photographic scavenger hunt is over: Kittens, Strippers, Pigeons, and a US Senator…….

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  • Biffadonk

    A sith lord in the flesh!

  • Monty

    He looks more and more like Don Knotts every year.

  • Mike

    I just screamed when I saw that picture.

  • Elmer Fudd

    Is he looking to move into One Brooklyn Bridge Park? He’d fit right in.

  • AmyinBH

    The puppet he resembles is Koukla from Koukla, Fran and Olie.

  • henrystreeter

    Monty, A+, couldn’t place who it was but now I’ve got it.

  • Doug Biviano

    According to Pres. Obama, we are to believe that Joe Lieberman single handedly killed the Public Option.

    So who is the bigger “sad sac?”

  • Big Dave

    @Doug – source, please…

  • Topham Beauclerk

    He’s a hireling of the Israel lobby and big corporations, preeminently insurance companies; in other words, an American politician.

  • Tony

    You need a source, Big Dave? Don’t you follow the news?

  • JM

    Two faced, ruthless, self promoting, war mongering hypocrite. Glad I didn’t “run” into him (I’d have backed up and run into him again). But I don’t like to share my feelings….

  • Robyn

    JM, Well put. He actually did kill, singlehandedly, the public option – what a travesty!

  • Pierrepont Joan

    Joe Lieberman us a decent and honorable man, a classic Liberal, part of what was my parents’ and grandparents’ Democrat Party. A rara avis these days.
    If Senator Lieberman helped kill the public option in ObamaCare, he is in tune with the 57% of Americsns who want the whole thing repealed.

  • bornhere

    Pierrepont Joan — And only a rara avis Democratus would have endorsed McCain. I’m sure Lieberman would not be my parents’ Democrat. And he certainly is not mine. This doesn’t necessarily make him indecent, but he doesn’t strike me as a Liberal, classic or cutting-edge.

  • WillowtownCop

    “Once I was young and impulsive
    I wore every conceivable pin
    Even went to the socialist meetings
    Learned all the old union hymns
    But I’ve grown older and wiser
    And that’s why I’m turning you in
    So love me, love me, love me, I’m a liberal”

    They’re all either rich and out of touch if they use their own money or beholden to special interests that donate to their campaigns. I would never vote for any one of them on any side who was actually running – I vote for myself or friends or family.

  • Pierrepont Joan

     @willowtown cop
     Thanks for reminding me of that great song about Radical Chic & Limousine Liberals. I don’t think Lieberman fits that description. 
      I love Phil Ochs and I’m a Conservative.  I supported & voted for John McCain myself, and welcomed Lieberman’s support.  Lieberman is an old fashioned liberal, not part of the far left cabal that has taken over the Democrat Party. 
       Brooklyn Heights is not the left wing monolith many think it is. There are many Republicans and Conservatives here, some prominent and well known, and some just regular folks. There are more and more people, Democrats & Independents rethinking their options for the future and looking to the GOP in 2012. 
       One look at the results of NY-9 where the Conservative Republican won by +9 in the District that Obama won by +11 in 2008 should be fair warning to those who take anyone’s vote for granted. 
       The times they are a-changing!

  • JM

    Pierpont Joan-“Independents rethinking their options for the future and looking to the GOP in 2012. “That would be the exact same cabal of GOP who had complete control of he gov’t for 6 years, spent us into oblivion, bankrupted the country (took that limousine liberal budget surplus and lined their own pockets-see Haliburton, Enron etc), created and enabled the housing bubble to create the illusion of growth even though they created zero jobs and middle class wages declined, then Bush et al bailed out the banks with no strings attached or reforms on his way out the door (guess he didn’t have room in his faux Texas saddle bags for the White House cutlery). Yeah..good luck with all that.

  • Chris arnade

    I have my issues with Joe, I debated him on an airplane few years ago on Iraq. Still, while he had a hand in changing the health care bill he also was instrumental in repealing don’t ask don’t tell.

  • Pierrepont Joan

    Ranting and raving won’t change the facts. That’s what every single poll has told us over the last year.
    The folks in NY-9 and in Nevada were sending a strong message.