Open Thread Wednesday 9/14/11

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

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  • Topham Beauclerk

    @Gerry, no one is disputing the right of the Orthodox to vote as they please. I was commenting on the wisdom of their vote. I’m disgusted by their intolerance – a position no Jew should ever take – and by their reflexive hatred of the Palestinians. As an American, I’m also troubled that they should allow a politician’s position on a foreign country to influence their vote here. The Orthodox have become irresponsible American citizens.

    Your semi-literate comment seethes with hatred of Obama. Texas is calling you.

  • Bornhere

    Andrew — When I saw this thread’s picture, I immediately recalled the Museum and how rich it was, especially considering its size. And now its an ice cream shop….

  • Jorale-man

    Speaking of Fulton Ferry Landing, I just want to put in a plug for Bargemusic. I have no affiliation but go there periodically and their programming has been really good lately. I wonder if all of the new foot traffic to Brooklyn Bridge Park is having much of a positive impact on their ticket sales. It certainly should.

  • EHinBH

    Went to Fascati for two calzones. Charged me $1.50 for two tiny sides of sauce. What the ??? We order from there every week! Not any more… First no parmesean, then no bathroom, now 75 cents for a sauce… Helllllllow My Little Pizzeria!

  • AL

    Anyone else having problem w their Verizon land line ? No dial tone for 2nd time since Irene. VZ replaced cable and phone worked for week and a half but now out. DSL works. Couldn’t reach VZ tho tried for hours.

  • Claude Scales

    As for that mysterious “C” sculpture, I got a message on my computer at work, which I deleted and has now dropped off my “recently deleted” list, which said some group was following me on Twitter. I checked, and found that the group had placed “C” sculptures at various locations in and near New York City, including Fulton Ferry Landing, and that this was to raise awareness of some public health hazard that affects New Yorkers more than most Americans. It didn’t identify the health hazard, but said it would be revealed on September 20 (next Tuesday).

  • WillowtownCop

    Am I the only person who thinks that ice cream is terrible?

    And I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but I was the only one going the (wrong) way on Furman St. this morning – it cut my commute in half.

  • Cathy

    @WTCop. I don’t like ice cream either.
    Have you seen any sigh of BeeBop in Willowtown? There are a couple of imposters.

  • Eddyenergizer

    Willowtown, you may not be “the only person who thinks that ice cream is terrible” but you might be the only other one who does.

  • Matthew Parker

    @Claude: I believe it’s Hepatitis C.

  • dog lover

    Has anyone been having trouble with home delivery of The New York Times. We didn’t get all our Sunday sections on Saturday, nor on Sunday. Today our delivery persons delivered our Wall Street Journal but no New York Times. Upon calling 800-NYT-imes, we were told it was a “production” problem and that our Thursday paper is scheduled to be delivered on Friday. I mean, this is THE NEW YORK TIMES I am talking about!

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Does anyone know what’s been up with the Manhattan bound 2/3 train lately? I get on at Clark around 8:20 every day, and it is usually not too crowded. However, the last week or two, it’s been about as crowded as the 4/5 by the time it gets to Clark. Any ideas? Much appreciated.

  • AmyinBH

    Is anyone else having problems with Time Warner Cable? Specifically, changing the channels and the screen going black. If you shut off the cable box and turn it back on the channel is changed. I dread having someone come to my apt. to “fix” the problem or going to the cable store to replace the box if it is a system wide problem.

  • AEB

    dog lover, got my Times this AM as per usual. There are different carriers for different parts of the Heights, and I’ve had frustrating experiences in the past similar to yours.

    I’ve found, alas, that one call to the Times to rectify a problem is NEVER enough. After the second, if the problem still isn’t fixed, the thing to do is to ask to speak with a supervisor, who stays with your case and dutifully reports on progress made in fixing it.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    AmyinBH, no issues with my cable box. I’d just go in and swap it out. If you have reason to be in Manhattan, I’ve actually had really fast, efficient experiences at their location on 23rd street.

  • Bornhere

    Amyin — For weeks now, changing a channel on TWC has been an event, especially if you do it when the programming menu is visible. It takes 20 seconds for the entered change to be read, and half the time, entering a 3-digit channel has the weirdest time lag — one number appears, and then nothing for 5 seconds. If you re-enter the chosen channel, it can’t “process” it and simply defaults to NY1. Then, of course, are the random “If you want to keep watching this, press any button” screens. If you aren’t glued to the screen at the time and miss the idiotic directive, it just goes blank.
    Please, God, let us get FIOS.

  • Stillhere

    Bornhere – After several false starts. FIOS was finally installed. First impressions: Pros – 30% less cost, 200% faster internet, a very responsive and easy to use remote, simpler config, gazillion channels, much better menu process, excellent picture quality with no floating pixels and no lip synch lag. Cons – only the DVR has a clock. I

  • WillowtownCop

    @ Cathy- I have not seen your cat but I have a black and white tuxedo who sits in a window on Columbia Place sometimes- some people might think she’s your cat.

  • Melissa

    We’ve had problems with our TWC service for about 6 months. We’re on our 4th box in that time period. On one visit, the technician took our box out of our apt, waited 20 minutes and brought back up the same broken box. We are desperate for FIOS. When I call TWC (about once a week) and they ask what I need, I tell them “FIOS!”.

  • Jorale-man

    @Dog Lover, my NY Times didn’t show up this morning either, nor did any of my neighbors’ it appears. It’s unusual for our building but it happens once in a while. I definitely felt its absence on my commute today!

  • AL

    AmyinBH Ever since got new TW box a month ago, it takes forever for channel to change.

  • Eddyenergizer

    I programed my TV remote to change the cable box channels, it works much better than the Time Warner remote. The only drawback, it doesn’t control all the functions.

  • Knight

    Amy, Al, & Eddy: But don’t you get a kick out of Time Warner when you try to go to a Channel between 10 & 19? You press the 1 and it registers. Then you press the next number & it won’t register. So you end up with NY1 News.

  • Eddyenergizer

    I don’t have that problem when I use the TV remote.

  • Tclinton11201

    Columbia Heighster, most likely back to school crowd, summer is always great for that…

  • zburch

    For those that are not receiving their newspapers…I noticed the other day when I looked over the wall that runs along the west side of Columbia Heights just north of the the Promenade and before Squib Hill, there are thousands of newspapers dumped over the edge. My guess, the carrier is shirking their duties and dumping papers there.

  • Moire

    TANGO on Montague Street has hung a vertical American flag BACKWARDS in their window. Passerbys have gone inside to tell them their their American flag is hung backwards and they won’t correct it. We have 5 different wars going on, that kind of blantant disrespect DESERVES NO BUSINESS.

  • nabeguy

    @Moire, it may be hung backwards from the street side, but wouldn’t it be correct from the store side?

  • Moire

    It’s their street window display. It isn’t “viewable” from inside the store. The counter and register block the back of the window display from indoors. It’s a display meant for the outdoor view, not the indoor view. When a flag is hung from a window, it’s meant for street/outdoor view.

  • Moire

    @nabeguy, in other words, if TANGO meant for their store front window display to be viewed from inside, then their mannequins’ backs would be facing the street.