Open Thread Wednesday 9/14/11

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

BHB Photo Club pic by beaudog via Flickr

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  • grumpy bert

    Anyone been out to Dekalb Market?

  • Mike

    Anyone know whats with the giant “C” sculpture at Fulton Landing in front of Pete’s?

  • Josh G

    Great pic – makes me want ice cream! Yummm

  • Hello Brooklyn

    Film Shoot No Parking Rant – Signs on Columbia Heights @ Pineapple this morning holding parking for a shoot from 7pm tonight. NYC requires no parking signs to be posted a minimum of 48 hours in advance. The signs were not there as of yesterday morning when alternate side switched over. Argh. Production company # is 646.427.6510. If they are going to inconvenience us, they should at least follow the rules.

  • Alana

    How can I get ahold of someone at SummerSpace. The event is this Sunday and the office is closed.

  • David G

    Who won the local elections?

  • north heights res

    Hello Brooklyn: I parked on Columbia in one of the first few spaces north of Pineapple yesterday at 6 pm, and there were no signs there then, either.

    Does this mean that my car is going to be towed and I’m going to have to retrieve it?

    Anyone know to whom I should direct first my inquiry as to my car’s location, and second, my complaint in case I go look for my car and it’s not there?

  • lois

    Re. Columbia Hts No Parking signs posted THIS MORNING! I spoke to the guy putting out the cones about giving us fair notice, since so many people spent an hour and a half sitting in their cars yesterday thinking they would be safe for at least a few days. He said it was a mixup from the mayor’s office, but the phone number is posted on the signs and above. I called the number and left a message with “coneman” voicing my displeasure at the short notice.

  • Hello Brooklyn

    @ north heights and lois. Call 311 to complain with the permit number: 0-1130, Production name: VCA for and production co: Paradoxal Inc. The No Parking sign says the VTU signs were posted 9-12-11 which is absoute bullsh*t. @ north heights – cars have to be moved by 7pm tonight. Sign says to call NYPD Tow Unit at 212.971.0782 for location if its towed.

  • Ernie

    David G —

    Democratic Civil Court Primary. AP reports with 98% of the vote:

    Sharen Hudson – 21,730
    Cheryl Gonzales – 13,244

  • David G

    Thanks Ernie. That’s an unfortunate outcome. I’m surprised that many people voted.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    David G: you ask who won the local elections. You may have heard that the worst kind of Republican, Bob Turner, will succeed the liberal Democrat, Anthony Weiner and that we have Orthodoxy to thank for this turn of affairs. Yes, the Orthodox, as is their wont, opposed an expansion of civil rights to the homos presumably because a bronze-age sky god told them to. An Orthodox woman interviewed on WNYC said, “same-gender marriage, unacceptable.” (One can only suppose her prudery wouldn’t allow her to use the more usual locution, “same-sex.”) We’re also told that the Orthodox thought that the Republican was sounder on America’s foreign policy toward Israel, that is, everything for the Israelis and nothing for the Palestinians.

  • GHB

    Right Topham. As usual, everything wrong in the world can be, and should, be blamed on the Jews. (rolls eyes)

  • Topham Beauclerk

    GHB, the last time I checked Anthony Weiner was a Jew and I happily supported him.

  • north heights res

    Thanks, Hello Brooklyn. Very little chance that I’ll get to my car before 7 pm, so I guess I’ll be going in search of. I assume that it’s just going to cost me a boatload of time, but not any money, right?

    The language going through my head right now is unprintable in a PG space.

  • Zorg
  • Tony

    Does anyone know where I can find fresh, first-rate anchovies in our area (not that salty crap in a jar)?

  • since47

    I was wondering the same thing, Mike. Why a C? Why not a B for the Brooklyn Bridge or Brooklyn Bridge Park, or an F for Fulton Landing, or a D for DUMBO? I know that art installations aren’t meant to complement particular neighborhoods, but the way the C is placed at the end of the traffic island, it seems like a marker, there to point the way to somewhere. But where? Uh-oh – just one more thing to confuse the tourists.

  • Hicks St Guy

    @Tony, call Fish Tales in Cobble Hill or Fairway in the Hook.

  • lcd

    Tony – believe it or not, there’s a great, reasonably priced fish place at chelsea market. I think it’s called the Lobster Place. Fresh and good.

  • Gerry

    @ Topham, etc.

    The people voted and thats the way it is.

    The orthodox Jewish people have their faith and are entitled to vote as they wish you know that. Anthony Weiner blew this seat handed this to the GOP and this is a LOUD and clear message to President Obama who had better hear it if he expects to be re-elected.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    Tony, a little far afield, I know, but there’s a wonderful luxury food store on Main St in Tarrytown that sells the most extraordinary anchovies.

  • Tony

    I know it, Topham. It’s called Mint and it’s owned by the most delightful Moroccan. If any BHB readers find themselves in that neck of the woods, I hope they will pay him a visit.

  • Bongo

    Who’s howling dog?

  • Eddyenergizer

    Tony, I’d check Fairway first

  • Andrew Porter

    The photo at the top of this thread is of the top of the former fire tower at Fulton Ferry. Originally the building was a fire boat station, and the fire boat would moor on the dock next to it. The wet hoses were hung in the tower to dry. Later, the building was the headquarters of the National Maritime Historical Society, before South Street Seaport existed. Only in recent history has it been a vendor of ice cream.

  • AEB

    Have you checked those anchovies for religious affiliation, Topham?

  • Nancy

    With the advent of all new restaurant opoenings in Brooklyn Heights comes another one-“Ghandi Palace”. It is slatd to open where Amin was. Hopefully it is not a reincarnation of that place, but a genuinely good Indian restaurant.

  • north heights res

    I called 311 about the movie shoot, and they told me that they don’t handle any matters pertaining to traffic at all, and that I had to call the precinct.

    I called the precinct and they told me that they have nothing to do with it, that I had to call the parking department.

    The parking department told me that they have nothing on file for a movie shoot here tonight and they have nothing to do with this…however, nothing can stop a movie company from hiring a private towing service to come and tow cars. The parking department has zero knowledge of the shoot and according to the woman I spoke to, would not be towing any cars. She suggested I call the Mayor’s Office for Film, Television, & Broadcasting.

    So I did that. I was told that there have been numerous complaints about this and that it’s being “investigated.” I was then told that a supervisor in that office said that the wrong signs are posted, and that no one’s cars will be relocated.

    I also then spoke with the production manager, who assured me that cars will not be towed, but that she would ‘really, really appreciate it” if I could move my car.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    AEB, since all anchovies are Buddhists, they’re kosher.