NYPD Activity at Court Livingston Streets

BHB reader photo

Police and Fire Depts are checking out a suspicious package. Court St is closed from Joralemon to Schermerhorn Sts and Livington St is closed from Clinton to Adams Sts.

Update: The situation has reportedly been cleared.

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  • Livingston

    Everything is fine now. Just a bag of garbage in the phone booth on the corner of Livingston and Court. Complete waste of time for the bomb squad, as well as for residents who weren’t allowed into their buidlings. Biggest casualty was my neighbor’s 2 quarts of ice cream.

  • Chris

    I suspect Public Authorities are a little over-wound today.

  • stuart

    we will never know when the terrorists will strike next.
    surprise is one of their main assets.
    whatever chatter was intercepted regarding a strike on the anniversary of the 2001 attack was probably diversionary.
    these folks are masters at dis-information.

  • Court

    To ” Livingston” . Would u rather they not call the bomb squad? A waste of time? So what wouldn’t be a waste of time? An actual bomb? What a silly comment. Personally I want the nypd being extra cautious. It’s not like the attackers will
    leave a sign saying “there is a bomb inside this bag”. Let’s try to be a little more understanding. So sorry to hear about your neighbors Ice cream.

  • Livingston

    Wow! Talk about being overwound…. Perhaps “Court” was the over-zealous person who dialed 911?

    No offense, but I couldn’t think of a worse place for a terrorist to try to make a “statement”. The area is pretty much deserted on Sunday afternoons. TJ’s down the street would have been far more advantageous. Also, do you honestly think any self-respecting wannabe bomber would leave it out in the open? More likely it would be tucked inside something else to be less conspicous.

    BTW, we were standing around taking bets on whether the bag contained refuse from either MickeyD’s or Popeyes. I guess you had to be there to understand how ridiculous this was. You couldn’t go into your apartment because of the supposed danger (per the cop) but we could stand on the street gawking.

    But of course I commend the police for taking it seriously — they have a tough job, esp. if New Yorkers continue to go into hysterics over litter.