Open Thread Wednesday 8/31/11

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

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  • Willow St. Neighbor

    The two bedroom on Cranberry is only 800 square feet. My one bedroom apartment is bigger than this two bedroom.
    Check the listing and the floor plan on Streeteasy.
    The smaller bedroom is only 6 by 15. Maintenance of 950 would be OK if there was a doorman.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    Beebop Search,
    Has anyone been able to determine if Beebop was taken in by a neighbor?

  • BeeBop Search

    WSN: I sent you a message at your Yahoo account. Your message to me was in my spam and I only saw it this weekend. Nobody has admitted to taking him in.

    @Jazz: I really hope you are not trying to be funny. There have been no signs of his demise. Everybody in that area knew he was missing that weekend and everyone still knows he is missing. I think with all of the foot traffic over there, initial postings, gossip, etc. somebody would have seen something bad and reported it back to me or someone else. Please don’t write anything like that. I have to face that harsh realization everyday that something terrible has happened to my beloved pet…besides the thought of him being taken in by some creep who collects cats.

  • jessica

    There is a beautiufl 2 bedroom apt located at 147 montague street. Not sure if I should rent it though? Is it a safe place to live? I heard an ex con lives there but I never saw anyone worried.

  • mlo

    what’s going on with the Montreal bagel place on Atlantic & Clinton- I was expecting the place to be funky -decor with a nod toward French settlement with a bit of jazz- instead it looks like a suburban hospital cafeteria.
    it’s never very crowded and often closed??? and of course overpriced.
    Tazza has very good coffee but the service is slow

  • GHB

    Jessica, an ex-con lives in Brooklyn? Stop the presses!

  • Master Of Middagh

    Yeah, Jazz. It’s not cool to be flippant about the safety of other people’s pets. Making a general joke about stray cats is one thing, but BeeBop Search is your neighbor and you ought to keep their feelings in mind. This blog is not a place to troll and snipe at each other for laughs.

    Lest you think we’ve all forgotten, BeeBop Search, I (and I’m sure most of us who follow this blog) are still keeping our eyes open for your feline friend.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    Re: BeeBop
    I passed Clark St. Pets and although BeeBops picture is back in the window ALL the important written info is hidden due to the way the picture has been displayed.

  • David on Middagh

    That’s a beautiful photograph.

  • Andrew Porter

    Long article with no axes to grind about underlying financial basis for Brooklyn Bridge Park:

  • Andrew Porter

    Great article with before and after photos on 58 Hicks Street on Brownstoner. That building should definitely get an award from the BHA for the great restoration:

  • Cathy

    Yes, BeeBop is a beautiful boy and hopefully that distinct face will be his saving grace.
    @WSN: I will get the pix fixed. Thanks!

  • Anne Cardwell

    ANNE C. 01.Sep,.2001 at 10:13 pm#

    After the movie was out, at about 9:15, we walked past Fortune
    House and were happily surprised to see lights, some new decor and people, who looked to be staff.

    Anybody know anything more?

  • Cranberry Beret

    Thanks for that link Andrew. I actually agree with Urbanski more often than not, but boy does he come off sounding like a twit.

  • mlo

    Thanks for the BBP article post Andrew. Nancy Scola provided a great reporting.

    I do have to say I don’t agree with the housing –we all know what it’s really about and as far as Urbanski this article re-affirms my disgust.

    It’s a shame and has been for many years that NYC and it’s boroughs has so many miles of beautiful waterfront land that is not accessible to its residents. For us in Bklyn Heights the beautiful waterfront land lay just in front of us, no longer in use for industry, but walled off by PA and a chain link fence.

    Most of us would have been happy with access to the waterfront that allowed us to sit, stroll, ride a bike, play ball, have a picnic. The fact that this day has finally come and with so much promise is wonderful but honestly if some of the features and perks need to be scaled back because of maintenance costs then so be it. I have no problem with change and support having waterfront parkland but this project has become way too overzealous. If we can’t maintain the cost of a floating pool then there shouldn’t be one- at least not to the tune of building high rise housing along our beloved waterfront.

    Residents want a say in how the park will turn out. They have stake and an interest, its not about greed or envy. People really do care about their community and the city as a whole. Everywhere we look – in all of our boroughs there is more and more building happening. Do we really need to bring it into our parks? We go to the park for fresh air, for green, open space….if we want to sit in the shadow of a high rise we can stay home.

    Is the park being built for people to enjoy or is it a project for others to get rich off? Residents are willing to come together to work together to seek out and studying other viable options for maintenance, even if it means scaling back the project for the now. We are tired of other people hold up this lie of “pretending to know better what the people want and need even if we don’t realize it” so they can profit. There’s your greed. Guess what Urbanski we know you’re not an instrument of the community. Do you really think we didn’t know?

    I don’t oppose building high rise high income housing along the waterfront because I suffer from greed or envy although I don’t dispute many people do. I oppose high rise housing –no matter who lives in it because it will destroy the integrity and history of our beloved waterfront. There is a rich beauty and history to the Brooklyn side waterfront and I believe it can be developed and incorporated into community use without destroying it, its wonderful almost unobstructed views of the Manhattan skyline the Brooklyn Bridge and the pieces of history it has left us.

    Central Park and Prospect Park don’t have all of the perks planned for BBP yet they are successful parks and continue to be visited by thousands of people for decades. Those parks have also evolved and made improvements and betterments over the course of decades.

    I was happy to hear Kent publicly criticize Urbanski’s space planning. I have also noticed that it’s very organized, overly organized in my opinion. There really won’t be much in the way of open flexible area after Urbanski waves his inflated head around the space.

    Urbanski – if you’re listening- you’re planning isn’t all that great. The play areas on Pier 6 are cramped and already to small to accommodate their visitors. Planting low bush all around on Pier 6 wasn’t practical either for the use of that space either. It obstructs visibility- visibility you need in a place designed for children to play. Kids can make a single turn and they’re gone from view down some brush hidden path. What the space needed was an open space concept with some wide canopy trees to provide shade. Has anyone else seen overheated children absolutely having melt downs because they become too overheated from the direct sun??

    A secluded park within a park???? This is NYC!!! What you designed was a perfect location for drug addicts and likely the site of at least one future urban rape. Urbanski why don’t you crawl into your brush secluded park within a park and stick a pin in your head. Maybe while you’re doing so Bloomberg will also visit the park. He can drop his pants and sit on a fiery steel dome.

    One more thing Urbanski, Bloomberg and the rest of your team I’m from Brooklyn- born and raised and proud. I’m not afraid of anything.
    I’m not afraid of Greed but I am sick of it.

  • bklyn20

    Mlo, thanks so much for your articulate refutation of much of this article. Andrew Porter, thanks for alerting me to the piece even though I disagree with it.

    It is unfortunate that the reporter coudn’t be bothered, in such a lengthy piece, to quote a few more opponents of additional housing in the park. I do appreciate and agree with Ethan Kent’s comments and those of the OTHER Harvard source. A quick google search would have given the names of the main Brooklyn additional-housing opponents. None of them are mentioned.

    Matt Urbanski (who is paid for this work) should stop trying to characterize the motivations of those who don’t want
    more housing in the park. His comment is beneath contempt. Isn’t pride is a deadly sin, too?

  • David on Middagh

    Cathy–Actually, I was complimenting the photo at the top of this thread, which I think is worthy of enlargement & framing. (I love it: a grand Brooklyn Heights entry in dappled sunlight that blazes on one pillar, with lit sidelamps for a Magritte touch. And increasing the mysteriousness of it all, someone has flanked the entry with primitive and colorful graffiti that defies the somber threshold and yet amplifies the feeling of foreboding in the would-be visitor. You just *know* there’s something dark and evil behind that door.)

    Of course, BeeBop is a very distinctive feline, whose image we shall not soon forget.