Open Thread Wednesday 8/31/11

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

And btw – if you’re new to the Heights, have friends in town or just want to have fun come out for Homer Fink’s Hidden Brooklyn Heights Walking Tour this Saturday 9/3! Buy tickets here.

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  • lois

    Thanks, Homer for your great work on the blog. BTW, I can recommend the Hidden Brooklyn Heights Walking Tour – I have taken it before, even tho I am a longtime Heights resident. Sorry to miss this Saturday’s tour, but I have another event.

  • harumph

    Wanted to thank Homer and the BHB for such great coverage last weekend…the site and attached ticker was my go-to site for information before, during and after Irene. Very appreciated.

  • bklyn20

    NYC green trash cans were at all 4 corners of Joralemon and Hicks this morning — I counted at least 4. Usually there is only 1 can. How long will they all stay, I wonder?

  • EHinBH

    It looks like all the units in that new building on Pineapple (next door to Vineapple) are being lived-in. Seems rather fast… Does anyone know if that building is a rental? Or if not, how they sold so fast?

  • GHB

    I noticed this chalk “art” on the Columbia Heights building above. If I lived there, I’d make sure that the parents who allowed their child to deface the building like that scrub the entire entrance with a toothbrush. It’s bad enough when they mess up the sidewalk, but the building? Don’t parents know how to say “no” anymore?

  • AmyinBH

    GHB, Parents do not say no to their children for reasons too numurous to list. And, it seems to have been going on for a long time. I work with people (25-27 year olds) who were never told “no” and it isn’t good. They don’t understand why you are so mean by saying “no” and complain to superiors.
    Some of that “art” also seems to be high up on the wall. Did the parents help or were the kids really tall?

  • BK

    Anyone have a 2 bedroom in the Heights for sale (700-750K range)?

  • Andrew Porter

    EHinBH, 73 Pineapple (the new bldg) is indeed a rental. You may notice that the building is not yet finished, nor is the permanent sidewalk installed. 75, next to it, is also under the same management and is also a rental. The renovation of 71 and 75 were done on the cheap: new windows were not installed, the outside was not cleaned. The turnover in both appears high. I think there’s an “apt for rent” sign on the first floor right apt in 75.

    BK: Dream on…

  • DrewB

    Hurray for more trash cans in the neighborhood! Particularly at that Hicks and Joralemon intersection. With the increased traffic the park has brought to the hood, the trash cans are often overflowing by Sunday evening.

  • epc

    NYC DOT announced yesterday that Furman will be made two way effective this afternoon (8/31) due to emergency repairs to the BQE ramps of damage from the storm.

    PR here:

  • mlo

    Furman used to be a 2 way. It should be again

  • Buggs Bunny

    Joralemon Street between Furman Street and Columbia Place seems to be a 2-way street now.

  • since47

    Buggs – Joralemon may have been a temporary two-way because of the tree removal yesterday, but are you saying it’s now permanent?

  • lisa

    Has anyone seen the bizarre man in the hoodie lately? And if so where? I think I saw him in court order on court street!

  • Stillhere


    Furman was made one way in the 1970’s to reduce the chaotic congestion (it was a mess) in order faciltate residential development; perhaps at the request of develoers. Also, commercial use of the piers had declined.

    And two ways does not work well for trucks – DOT commissioners, including Cathy Keagan (sp?), who had the intention, the will and the authority to do this, did not; they were unable to resolve the issue of tractor trailers making the right turn onto Old Fulton street. Check out that corner – really tight and the congiuration of the lighting stantions make it more difficult. And remember, the primary motivation for the past 20 years to make Furman two ways was to eleviate the truck conjestion on Atlantic due to the trucks over 12′ tall being forced to exit the BQE .

    More recently the DOT had requested taking a chunk of the park at pier one to allow for two way and facilitate turning – I beleive that the park . development corp declined.

    This shall be an interesting experiment.

  • mlo

    if they can making necessary changes in order to build an entire neighborhood of condos, a hotel and additional housing they can certainly make necessary changes to allow for a 2 way direction – oh but that’s not what brings in the dough

    I pay taxes up the wazzu and the noise and disruption from traffic and trucks on Hicks Street is really awful.

    Lisa I haven’t seenthe hoodie guy in a while

  • hicks-ter

    BK: It’s not in the Heights per se, but a friend has a 2 bedroom for sale on Amity between Clinton and Henry. It’s a really good buy at $575K:

  • GHB

    hicks-ter, that does look like a good deal. The only drawback? No dogs allowed.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    Why are you asking about the guy in the hoodie?
    Just curious as I have not seen much of him lately at all and I used to see him on Court St. nearly every day.

  • Buggs Bunny

    No, just being sarcastic about Joralemon Street being 2-way. And I was unaware that it was 2-way for the tree removal recently.

    But if anyone at the 84th is behind in their tickets, there are at least 20 to 30 cars taking the “short cut” the wrong way on Joralemon Street to get to Columbia Place and State Street everyday. (No joke)

  • Lauren J

    I know this is more of a DUMBO-related question, but I thought perhaps someone might know. Is the First Thursdays Gallery Walk on for tomorrow?


  • cat

    Is the arborist (tree guy) who used to post on here occasionally still around?

    I look out on a Linden tree from my 3rd floor window, and all the leaves at the top look like they’ve been scorched (by the sun?) and are dying. I hope the tree isn’t diseased–it’s a great tree and smells delicious when it blooms in the early summer.

  • cat

    @jane–I read that some of the Starbucks stores in Manhattan have started plugging up their outlets so that people are disinclined to use it as their office. I guess at least some Starbucks stores have become interested in having paying customers have a place to sit while they sip.

  • stuart

    If Furman is made 2-way, auto traffic will increase dramatically on Joralemon. It will be the new shortcut to the Brooklyn Bridge via Old Fulton St. I would use it.

  • EHinBH

    Thanks @Andrew Porter. Bummer that the owner cheaped out, but I guess it’s better than the empty lot. Maybe. Actually, maybe not…

  • stuart

    Your sometime correspondent TK Small is in the hospital. That’s all I know.

  • EHinBH

    As far as a true 2-bed for 750, not unless you want a gut reno that would cost about 150 to do. For that, look for one to come on the market at 75 Henry. They tend to sell before they are listed though – so ask a broker now to keep an eye. I think Concord Village would be great and you can get a great 2-bed for that price there. I think those are going to greatly increase in price over the coming years.

  • nyc13

    @BK — 63 Cranberry is listed for $649k. It’s a 2 bed. Maintenance is kind of high though….Anyway, there are 2 beds to be found…Here’s the link to 63:

    I’m just at the beginning of my search and I met a great broker for properties in this neighborhood. Her name is Lucy Perry if you’re interested in going with a broker. She can be reached at or (718) 923-8066.

  • BeeBop Search

    And BeeBop is still missing. REWARD 917-837-6899. Willowtown.

  • Jazz

    What’s the over/under on Beebop still being alive?