More tree damage reported

“Phyllis”, who lives in the north Heights, has lost a London Plane tree. She reports:

grew this one from a seedling that took root in my backyard about five years ago, must have blown in from the park across the street. Will miss the shade, screening and wonderful sense of a Brooklyn treed back yard.

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  • CS

    Where in North Heights?

  • Amanda Tree

    I wanted to go outside earlier and felt the strong winds pulling up from the river, wavered a bit on going further but saw a neighbor going out and thought I’d venture on in spite of the fact I had a strange feeling of a tree falling or something.

    On the way back there was a giant tree down on Joralemon Street!
    I have photos but can’t figure out how to upload them on this page.

  • Homer Fink

    @amanda email them to us or upload to the BHB photo club on Flickr

  • Amanda Tree

    I just sent you them on email – let me know if you got them ok

  • Eddyenergizer

    My car was parked on Montague, a branch fell from a tree and took off my passenger side mirror.

  • Doug Biviano

    A limb at least as large as the one that fell in front of 169 Columbia Heights fell in the courtyard behind the property, belonging to a Willow Street property. This happened at 4 am to very loud wakening crash.

    It is also the culprit responsible for taking down cable for half of Columbia Heights according to Time Warner workers.