It’s never the wrong time for Breakfast…

Despite the weather and Mayor Bloomberg’s call for people to stay off the streets, the Happy Days Diner (and the next-door newsstand) was open for business this morning – the only business activity on Montague St.

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  • Chris

    …but apparently, no brunch at Bubby’s…

  • GHB

    Happy Days? I’d rather go hungry!

  • misterbones

    Good for Happy Days. That’s AWESOME.

  • Ed

    Happy Days did a mitzvah staying open; shame on you GHB! Understaffed, they worked hard and without complaint dealing with a long takeout like and occassionally impatient sit-downs. The newsstand/deli at Montague-Hicks also opened this morning. Meanwhile, Lassen & Hennigs again shows its disconnect to our community by closing early and NOT opening early on Sunday. Extra Credit to Eamonns for staying open late — and serving food — on Saturday night (when Lichee Nut, Armandos and Tanda Asian were also open, but not as late).

  • WillowtownCop

    Happy days was open last night, and delivering.

  • David on Middagh

    My Little Pizzeria was also open last night, serving emergency personnel or anyone who wanted a convivial slice.

  • god

    Tenda was delivering around 6pm last night.

  • MattS

    Eammon’s is also open at Montegue and Clinton

  • Jorale-man

    Ordering delivery during a hurricane is not a nice thing. I hope whoever did gave a huge tip to the poor delivery person.

  • Zorg

    Jorale-man: damn straight. And what if a tree fell on him? Would the customers complain that they didn’t get their order… want their money back?
    Delivery people should unionize.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    First they must become legal then they can unionize…

  • Zorg

    Eddy de Lectron: Yes, that too.

  • WillowtownCop

    It wasn’t even raining yet. And he would have gotten a good tip had he being carrying any change. I’m not paying a $8 tip on a $12 order because the delivery guy doesn’t have change for a $20.

  • god

    How is ordering delivery not a nice thing? Giving the restaurant business is a great thing since they had to close down and lose a whole days worth of business anyway.

  • Regina

    It is never the right time to eat at “Crappy Days”.