FDNY Action at Clark and Henry This Morning

An FDNY “All Hands” alarm went out this morning for a situation at Henry and Clark Streets. The incident is now over and sources familiar with FDNY procedure say that this may have been a CO incident involving a boiler in one of the buildings. BHB reader Perry sent in video of the action.

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  • LeslieH

    I also saw 8 or so unmarked police cars (with lights flashing in their grill) going down Hicks Street immediately before I walked around the corner and saw the situation at Gristedes — were they linked? Anyone have any scoop?

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    I asked a police officer nearby what was going on, and he said that an elevator got stuck. Not sure that I’m buying that with all of the personnel involved.

  • someone

    I was told it was a fire in the boiler rooom by one of the firefighters.

  • lori

    I was told bv a resident of the building that it was a problem in the boiler, possibly related to the earthquake.