Two Workers Seriously Injured at 195 Montague

This in from BHB contributor Weegee, responding to a reader’s comment:

If you’re referring to the modern fire apparatus that was in front of 195 Montague, that had nothing to do with the set-in-1921 scene being filmed in Borough Hall. There was a very real incident in which two workers sustained serious electric shocks and a small fire broke out while they were installing a high voltage panel on an upper floor of that building. Both went to the burn unit on Staten Island in critical condition.


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  • Master Of Middagh

    Oh! So THAT’S why the power kept cutting off in Sovereign Bank when I visited them yesterday. The manager said that there had been a fire. Gosh, let’s all hope those workers will be all right and haven’t sustained any permanent damage.

  • Master Of Middagh

    OK, I went back there today and a fellow from the bank told me that, despite their injuries, the workers in question walked out on their own- so that’s good news.