“Boardwalk Empire” Returns to Borough Hall

Don’t be surprised if you see a scene similar to this picture tomorrow. The HBO series “Boardwalk Empire” will be filming in Borough Hall from early morning on. The hit show is no stranger to the area, having shot scenes at the former Gage & Tollner restaurant, as well as in the rotunda of Borough Hall, which is featured prominently in the first season’s finale. The new season premieres on September 25th. Your intrepid correspondent is among the snappily dressed faces in the crowd (who says the entertainment industry doesn’t provide jobs for locals?) and understands the action will take place in the magnificent ceremonial courtroom. About 100 extras will be seen heading between the set and the holding area reserved in Sts. Constantine and Helen Cathedral on Schermerhorn Street. No word on whether Brooklynite (and vocal supporter of Engine 205) Steve Buscemi, who stars as Nucky Thompson, will be there.

UPDATE below the break…

The ceremonial courtroom was done up to represent the U.S. District Court in Camden, NJ.  Steve Buscemi (Nucky Thompson), Shea Whigham (Sheriff Eli Thompson), Anthony Laciura (Eddie Kessler), and Adam Mucci (Deputy Halloran) were among the principals working today. The scene will be part of the second season finale, tentatively titled “To The Lost.”

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  • Rudee

    Well, I’m sure it is very exciting participating in this shoot and I’m happy for you. By any chance is this the same production that was going on on Montague Street this morning during rush hour? There were a lot of real fire trucks, smoke and film crews about. All good and well I guess but why do a location shoot during morning commute and preventing locals from getting to work? And why do this two weeks before the anniversary of September 11th? A little common sense please.

  • Monty

    Yes, that was Boardwalk Empire filming on Montague this morning. There was a horde of extras on the north side of the street and they were parading some fire trucks as well.

  • weegee

    If you’re referring to the modern fire apparatus that was in front of 195 Montague, that had nothing to do with the set-in-1921 scene being filmed in Borough Hall. There was a very real incident in which two workers sustained serious electric shocks and a small fire broke out while they were installing a high voltage panel on an upper floor of that building. Both went to the burn unit on Staten Island in critical condition.

  • Rudee

    Thank you Monty and Weegee for filling in the details. My prayers for the two workers. I hope the film shoot didn’t delay their transport to the burn unit.