Kite Day at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Today was National Go Fly a Kite Day, or something like that. Fortune smiled, as it was sunny, with a steady breeze off the harbor. Lots of folks gathered on the lawn at Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and many of them brought and flew kites. Many others, like your correspondent, enjoyed watching the colorful constructions pirouetting in the air. More photos and text after the jump.

As I arrived, this falcon-like kite was being launched.

This butterfly was dipping and dancing in the distance.

Despite the summer weather, a snowy owl soared overhead.

Here’s Nancy Webster, Executive Director of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, flying her colorful kite.

BHB Reader photo from "Villager"

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  • Previous Leon

    Not so much a kite fest but a tightly packed
    Kiddy disappointment zone. Perhaps
    more space next year.