Open Thread Wednesday 8/3/11

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  • nabeguy

    I went to Verizon to buy a phone last night and was told that theie entire Northeast computer system was down, so they couldn;t look up my account. But at least the phnes worked!

  • Crossing Atlantic

    Waterfalls Cafe on Atlantic just closed and is completely demolished. It ain’t reopening.

  • Crossing Atlantic

    Meant Fountain Cafe, which is closed, not Waterfalls, which is open.

  • Andrew Porter

    The sidewalk shed on the Pineapple Street side of the St. George Tower was taken down on Tuesday, with the finish today, Thursday. This was up for over two winters, wrapping completely around the building on three streets. I understand the next step is to work on the elevators, but that’s an internal matter.

    The sidewalk shed around 75 Clinton Street has also been removed.

    There are people living, I think, at the newly constructed 73 Pineapple Street, although the final sidewalk and exterior work has not been finished. Air conditioning units are installed in two apartment windows. Don’t they need a Certificate of Occupancy from the DOB first?

  • Sad Neighbor

    BEWARE: A friend of mine had taken her dog to Cadman Plaza Park (entrance at Cadman Plaza West and Clinton Street off of Tillary). There was an opened bag of Rat Poison. She did the remedy for her dog and hopefully and most likely the dog will be fine. However she did call the city and also went back and removed the bag.
    Please be advised that there may be sprinkles of the rat poison on the lawn there… without any signs stating that rat poison has been put down.
    Very careless act…so please CURB your dogs!!!

  • rp

    sad neighbor: Would you have the exact location where the bag was? You refer to the lawn. I was walking my dog there in the morning and would like to rule out that she ate any of it. I doubt it, but would like to make sure.

  • Sad Neighbor

    The only thing I was told is that the owner had seen it on the entrance on Cadman Plaza (closest to Clinton Street). There is another entrance that is on Tillary but I am sure it was close to the first entrance I just mentioned.
    Also she did call the city and they were going to look into this and she removed the bag.

  • Wallard