Buh-Bye: Envy Looks Salon

As a few commenters noted last week, Envy Looks Salon on Columbia Place in Willowtown is no more. It’s seems they really never endeared themselves to the neighborhood as “Willowtown Cop” noted on an OTW last August:

Am I the only person in Willowtown who objects to the business practices of the new Envy salon?

The ads in the window, the neon lights that change color blaring in my window at all hours of the night? The fliers that they hand out in front of the store and put on car windshields on the block?

And, most of all, the owner who parks his black Honda Accord with NJ plates on the sidewalk on the non-legal side of the street? I’m tempted to start bringing my ticket book home with me.

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  • Dave

    “It seems they really never endeared” also works.

  • william

    It could have been a great venue to launder money. They could have hidden a lot of income from some other source, and stayed open forever. They did do a good haircut.

  • WillowtownCop

    Do svidaniya! Don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out!

    I must say since the above post they had stopped with some of the listed practices. I even gave them a chance and went in there once to have my eyebrows done in an emergency- the woman ripped a piece of skin off my eyelid, causing me to bleed.

    We should take votes on what should go in the space – a restaurant along the lines of Iris or River Deli? An antique shop, like Holler and Squall? A flower shop? There are so many things that would fit the street better than the world’s worst salon.

  • Sylvester

    It should be a Halloween Store. A child molester was tortured and murdered there during a World Series game in the 80s. The murder is still unsolved. Hold a séance there and find out who did it. OOoo.

  • Cathy

    And the owner was very aggressive. He would shout at you as you walked by to come in to get your nails done, get a blow dry. Very obnoxious.

  • Gatornyc

    Definitely a deli/market. Would do very well there between the residents of Willowtown and OBBP and people coming to BPP.

  • Amanda Tree

    Sorry that salon didn’t make a go of things here, the ladies did very good work – particularly Nara, the owner’s wife.

    I think the fact she didn’t speak fluent English kept her part of the input on the shy side, which left the “promoting” to her husband.

    He was primarily a businessman, and very strong minded at that. I think when we dames get our hair, nails done, we generally gravitate to the “subtle approaches” rather than the more strident ones.

    The manner of approach might have done in another area, rather than a quiet little eclectic street. The historic and quixotic nature of this street seemed too much of a contrast to the big plastic sign outside the door with commercial pictures.

    On a busy main street, somewhere else, that probably would’ve been just fine.

    In the beginning, they started out with great fanfare. Several beauticians, most looking like James Bond gals, strutted about in and outside the shop, busily dolling up wigs and puffing on cigarets outside the shop.

    In time, these beauticians began to vanish, as there was not enough business to require their presence.

    Finally, it was basically just Nara, who was a very gifted hairstylist and sensitive soul. She had begun to draw a following among some of the neighbors, who really did feel bad when the place closed.

    I was away, and when I returned the place was like a struck film set or a vanished circus that had been in town. All that remained were a few stray water bottles and one lone chair.

    Amazing that all that pulsating, rainbow neon, carved glass, hair dryers, basins, big flat screen HD TV, swirly nail bath and massage chair seemed like it had all been a dream.

    Well, I wish them luck wherever they decide to land –

  • Lisa

    Wow. This salon opened not long ago and closed down in less than a year!