Open Thread Wednesday 8/25/10

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  • Dave

    A lot of the 2/3 stations further into Brooklyn have the signs that show how much longer before a train will arrive. It looks like Borough Hall and Clark street have the signs but they aren’t on. Anyone know when they might be functioning or what the hold up is?

  • Hicksville

    Doug Biviano…
    Give us a refresh on why we should vote for you.

  • cat

    1) This site is still making my Firefox crash. What is the deal with that? I don’t like safari because it’s slow, but I have to switch over to it to read this blog.

    2) Is the arborist checking in here? I have a linden tree that looks like the top 2/3 on one side got seared (it’s the side that gets the most sun). The leaf edges are brown and curling–as if a large flame got that side. Can the sun do this to a tree?

    Thank goodness it’s raining–all the vegetation around here seems to need it.

  • Homer Fink

    @cat – use chrome. FF bug is an FF bug.

  • AEB

    Wednesday bonbon:


  • AEB

    Sorry about the defective link. Try this, please:

  • harumph

    Did anyone read this? Any thoughts? A tunnel below our brownstone’s?

  • Doug Biviano


    I’m going to Albany to represent the people and make a difference.

    Joan Millman, on the other hand, admitted in our Brooklyn Paper debate on Friday that she is double-dipping and then mislead us about her alternatives and intentions to defer her gov’t pension while collecting her state Assembly salary, lulus and perks upwards of six figures or more:

    We need an Albany that sets the example, not abuses us.

    To add insult to injury, Albany legislators have perfected a system to get re-elected for life no matter what they do or don’t do:

    As a thick-headed engineer and problem solver, I will fight for election law reform (Joan Millman protects as Election Law Chairperson) to restore competitive elections, create primaries and debates, and — most importantly — moves NYS and Brooklyn forward.

    I even have a plan to restore full MTA services without fare or tax hikes:

    Vote for me Sept 14, spread the word and please contribute now. Thank you.

  • AEB

    Oh, Doug! You pols are just too much! (And, often, not enough!)


  • Dan

    Anyone know what was happening on Cadman Plaza West this AM? Around 11:30, there were police everywhere and a group seemingly marching or protesting something (very peacefully). But the most striking thing was that there were a number of hearses and caskets out on the sidewalk…

  • bhmom3

    Does anyone know what the situation is with the ghostly pale older woman in tattered clothes who sits outside the Brooklyn Law School dorm on WIllow between Pierrepont and Clark, and reads newspaper clippings with a magnifying glass all the time? Just curious.

  • brooklynlsm

    Me too bhmom3. Iv’e lived on the block for years and she has been a fixture here for a long time.

  • Peter

    Just curious: has anyone had problems opening up pages on the site? Several times, I click on a link and the page won’t open. Weird.

    That being said, wanted to “re-shout out” to the posters who recommended ordering the pizza at Sam’s on Court Street. Awesome pizza right there!

    For sushi, my fiance and I have enjoyed Ozu … tasty food, but our waitress was a complete dolt. Still, worth the visit. Try the Clark Roll!

  • Anon

    It may be petty, but I probably won’t be voting for you because of a piece of paper shoved under my apartment door in violation of COOP rules. According to it, apparently the only support you’ve got is your mom. Five messages / quotes and they were all attributed to your mom Judy. If you want to break the rules and litter to actually tell us something important that’s one thing, but if you want to do so to send out a kindergarten campaign message. . .

  • Tony

    I apologize if this has been on here recently – Does anyone have a recommendation for someone to install two sets of bathroom faucets? It’s an easy job, but my neck won’t allow me to get in the space effectively.

  • WillowtownCop

    Am I the only person in Willowtown who objects to the business practices of the new Envy salon?

    The ads in the window, the neon lights that change color blaring in my window at all hours of the night? The fliers that they hand out in front of the store and put on car windshields on the block?

    And, most of all, the owner who parks his black Honda Accord with NJ plates on the sidewalk on the non-legal side of the street? I’m tempted to start bringing my ticket book home with me.

  • Obama?

    I’d like to recommend one of by favorite blogs (besides the Brooklyn Heights blog, of course):

  • bklyn20

    Willowtown Cop., I will try and have a look — last time I was on the block there didn’t seem to be any neon assaulting my eyeballs,
    so I thought it was all over. Guess not?

  • WillowtownCop

    bklyn 20- look after dark. The neon is around the mirrors in front of the chairs- not technically in the window, but you can see it clear as day through the window from all the way across the street.

    I’m not sure who to complain to, or even if it is technically allowed in a historic district because it isn’t a sign right in the window.

  • Homer Fink


  • cat

    I appreciate your responding to me, but I have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t know what chrome is, and this is the only site that makes Firefox crash, so I don’t think it’s a Firefox bug if that’s what you meant; I think it’s something on this site that’s making it crash. Are other users able to use Firefox to access the site? I seem to remember other complaints when you redid the site a few weeks ago.

  • weegee

    Tonight marks the 15th anniversary of the Hotel St. George fire. Ah, the carefree days of misspent youth — the adolescent weegee did a video report from the scene long before the days of Brooklyn Bugle TV.

  • weegee

    bhmom3 and brooklynlsm made me think of the casually dressed middle-aged man who used to linger outside the Towers Hotel on Willow St. some 20 years ago, harassing the Witnesses. Usual patter was something to the effect of “Slaaaa-aaaves!!! Whatta buncha saps! Whatta buncha dopes! Wastin’ your whole lives for nothin’!” And once, I recall, some baffling reference to La Toya Jackson in Playboy magazine. Anyone remember him?

  • WillowtownCop

    Homer- the photos do not do the lights justice. And there is a TV left on playing ads all night- also technically not in the window- but you can’t tell me its not meant to be seen by people walking by, or they would turn it off when they closed the store.

  • RS

    I just moved to Brooklyn Heights and I am looking for a reliable cleaning person one day a week.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I was given a name/phone by someone in my building but have yet to reach her. I am handicapped, so I really do need help (the sooner the better)…any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Matthew Parker

    Anyone know what happened to the Calexico taco cart on BBP Pier 1?

    I thought the pebble surface installation might have caused them to take an August vacation, but they’ve been MIA for about 3 weeks at this point.

    Anyone have the 411?

  • Andrew Porter

    Willowtown Cop, if this is in the landmarked area, call 311, also call the BHA (718 858 9193) and tell them. People come here all the time, think it’s lovely, and BH will be vastly improved by use of illegal store signage or vinyl siding on their brownstone…

    Site still herky jerky, and I use Safari. But it doesn’t crash at least.

    LaToya Jackson, like her late brother, is, or was, a JH. But what a body! (LaToya, not MJ)

  • Andrew Porter

    About the St George fire, I was in Glasgow, Scotland, read about it in that morning’s Intl Herald Tribune, had to wait several hours due to time difference to find out if I had a home to come back to. I still have a bunch of the papers from the fire, saved from the recycling bin.

  • bornhere

    Cat — If you use a Mac, try Safari. Homer recommended using a browser other than Firefox, so I tried Safari on my Mac, and the crashes ended. What’s odd, though, is that, at the office, where I use a PC (and Firefox), I can access BHB without problems. Oddness. (Chrome is browser from Google, and there is one for Macs, but I haven’t tried it, so I can’t offer an opinion.)

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    My cleaning woman is great and was a great assistance with my disability. I was homebound for 3 years recently and she was just great in maneuvering my body when changing the sheets. I am crazy about her. I have recommended her to my neighbors in the building and all have been pleased to date.

    If want her name and phone number call me at 718-858-4710.