Open Thread Wednesday 8/25/10

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  • Tony

    I bought a burrito from them last Sunday afternoon for the first time. It was great!.

  • hickster

    RS – call andre @ 1718-492-2307 and ask for Yolanta. It is 20 bucks an hour and you can have as many hours as you need. He is very professional and she is incredible. Has been coming to me for a year and I can’t live without her.

  • Nancy

    We lost our apt for 18 months due to that fire, and I don’t think the building has been the same since

  • AEB

    Bornhere, I too have had problems with Firefox-BHB crashes–first at work and at home and now only occasionally at work.

    After a crash, check the top of the Windows message that asks you if you want to send a report. In my case it indicated a problem with plugin incompatibility.

    After doing some research, it appears that old plugins can cause crashes. I suggest you update your plugins, as I did. Go to Tools (at the very top of the FF page), Add-Ons, Plugins, and click the buton at the bottom that reads Find Updates. A list of new versions of installed plugins will appear. You may then download newer versions.

    Hope this helps.

  • Peter

    Matthew Parker, I grabbed a pulled pork burrito from the Calexico Cart two Saturdays ago, so I assume it’s still around. At least I hope so, I love the food, that would be a harsh slap at the neighborhood to taunt us like that, then take it away …

  • Arch Stanton

    It was there on Wednesday the 18

  • lori

    bhmom3 The woman in front of 144 Willow has lived in that building for many years – she was there when they had a severe fire in the building some years ago, after which tenants were forced to live elsewhere for over a year while the building was repaired. I am surprised she was allowed back in the building. She leaves the door to her apt open all the time. The new people in the building seem to enjoy speaking with her in the afternoon. She admits to having extremely poor vision.

  • Matthew Parker


    I just saw Calexico back this evening. I’m usually there around lunchtime since I work from home, and they haven’t been around lunchtime midweek.

    Even if they are there intermittently, I’m glad they will still be there. I’ll try to learn the scoop directly from them, but they were crazy busy with a line tonight for movie night.

  • Lizzyb

    Has anyone else tried Cafe Tua on Atlantic Avenue (i think it may have been called La pizzetta at one point too)? We were craving pizza tonight and stumbled upon this place and i have to say it was AMAZING! One of the best pieces of pizza i have had in a very long time. They have other stuff too, not sure what else is good. But I’d never even heard of this place and was so pleasantly surprised at how good it was.

  • Egg Donor :

    our bathroom faucets are all metal and we are not a fan of thsoe cheap plastic faucets that worns out easily””: