Livid About Litter at Your Doorstep?

The Brooklyn Heights Association has the following helpful advice for those who are inundated with menus, flyers, etc.:

If you are bothered by unsolicited flyers, ads, menus, business cards etc. left on your stoop or in your building entrance, you can stop all of the above by posting a sign on your property. The NYC Dept of Sanitation provides the signs on their website, where you’ll find information about the new “lawn litter” law, which is already having a positive effect on this quality of life problem. You can download their sample sign and have it laminated at Court Street Office Supplies or Remsen Graphics. Let us know if you need help with this or have questions. The DOS website is here.

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  • bibi

    Am I the only person who doesn’t care about menus?
    What is the obsession? Is it a territorial thing. like the delivery boy is messin’ with my space?
    I think it is such an odd thing to be worried about.

  • Sgt. Pepper

    Agreed menus (other than wasting paper) are not a huge deal.
    the problem is that pile of 50 huge AD-only newspapers that get left on the stoop.

  • Nick L

    Do any of you guys own the buildings you live in? The first problem is that the menus and flyers get blown all over the place and the building owners are the ones that get the summons (have you noticed what the wind factor in “The Heights” is like?). Secondly, it creates a serious eyesore for the neighborhood with all the papers flying around the sidewalk – that is why it is called “The Lawn Litter Law” – it is unnecessary garbage that gets dumped on private property, as well as public space. There are people who take pride in the appearance of their neighborhood; just because we live in the city doesn’t mean we have to live like pigs. Besides, why should the property owners be responsible for cleaning up and recycling all this paper waste that they didn’t want in the first place (it adds up to quite alot at the end of the week)?

  • bdm

    Its not the end of the world but it is a pain. Menus are not too bad but when I get 7 bundles of ad-papers at my single family home because whoever is deliverying them is looking to dump as many as possible, that ticks me off

  • mc

    Not to mention the fact that most of this paper is wasted – think about the trees and energy that go into creating a product which, for the most part, goes straight into the trash!

  • CJP

    Hate to admit it. But I actually like most of the ads that are delivered. The points adressed on here are extremely valid: litter and the dumping of zillions of bundles of ads at apartments in which 3 families live.

    But frankly I like getting my weekly ads for Key Food (even though I hate the place), CVS and Rite Aid.

    How then do you balance my desire to get unsolicited ads with the legitimate neighborhood concerns of saving trees and preventing litter? As for the menus, I agree. That’s overkill.

    I remember once in Manhattan getting one pushed under the door. I pushed back. It came back. I pushed again. It came back. I pushed back. Game over. But I still had an ad for Empire Szchezuan Something or other still outside the apartment!