NY Daily News on Henry Street Fruit Dudes

The NY Daily News picks up on the Henry Street Fruit Dudes and their controversial cart.

NY Daily News: Fruit vendor’s…: “I’m going to be here forever,” one of the cart’s owners, Onur Benirbaz, told the Daily News. “Of course I do have a permit.”

The cart’s sudden appearance on the corner of Henry and Clark Sts. two weeks ago spurred a small controversy in the tony neighborhood.

“He’s parked near a deli and a store that sells fruit,” said Judy Stanton, head of the Brooklyn Heights Association.

Benirbaz’s cart is full of fresh berries, mangoes and melons.

“I’m different from the other vendors,” he said.

Hear the first “on-air” interview with one of the Fruit Dudes on last week’s Homer Fink Show.

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  • heightsdiho

    I think the Fruit Guy is great!

  • yo

    Hey BHA, leave the man alone…Judy Stanton, working hard for you to ensure the same crappy stores stay in the neighborhood….

    Maybe the competition will spur the deli and “food that sells fruit” to offer the same quality at the same price….then again, more likely they will just fold and be replaced by a BHA-approved real estate office, bank, or crappy chain restaurant.

  • brooklynite

    I’d like to know these stores that Judy is talking about.

  • Nigel

    Fruit-dude rules all of BH!

  • Made In Brooklyn

    Smash the BHA!!!

  • yo


    that should say “store that sells fruit”

  • Nancy

    Power to the fruit vendor!!!

  • Meisee

    The fruit guy is there trying to make a living. He is a hard-working man staying there at the corner, open 24 hours every day! I’m glad he’s there and we need more vendors like that.

  • jw

    typical example of an association protecting the interests of those who pay their salary

    Leave the Fruit guys alone!!!!!

  • anon


  • Andrew

    When any of the stores in the neighborhood offer fruit as fresh as the Fruit Guy’s at the same prices, then we can talk about the comparative aesthetics. Plus, in addition to bringing fresher fruit, this fruit stand does make the corner of Clark more lively, which also contributes to public safety.

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    walking home last night at 3AM i saw the fruit guy doing his best to make a living… support fresh fruit, down with the BHA!

  • Andrew Porter

    Wonder how many of you anti-BHA posters are members — or have been in this neighborhood when the St. George block was a horror story, with topless bar (Club Wilde Fire), the multi-alarm fire that caused two buildings to be demolished, etc.; when the SROs were full of low-lifes who crept into apartments through open windows; when there was so much crime, and the BHA was the only community-wide org that brought pressure on the police and public officials to defend the area from those bent on destroying it.

  • Orange Street Dwellers

    I guess he’s officially gone sadly : ( Please come back!! Nothing compares.