Fortune House Closing May Be Result of Legal Troubles

The closing of Fortune House, a popular Chinese restaurant on Henry Street, may have been caused by legal problems, in the form of a lawsuit by employees.

McBrooklyn: The restaurant is being sued by three employees — Manuel Chiqui, Angel Miranda-Alvarado and Eddie Miranda-Vasquez — in a case related to the Fair Labor Standards Act. The Act covers issues like minimum wage ($7.25), overtime pay, record-keeping, and youth employment standards.

According to McBrooklyn, the place’s official name is “Golden Nut Restaurant” and the suit was filed July 8 in the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of New York. Perhaps it has landed on Judge Vitaliano’s docket.

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  • JR

    Sorry, but I will not pay a dime more than $6 bucks for the lunch special – pls. find some other undocumented immigrants to exploit – I want my General Tso’s Chicken, dammit!

  • CRN

    boo !

  • AEB

    At last sighting, FH appeared to be moving toward a re-open. New cheap lamps in the window….