BHB to the Rescue!? Joralemon Sewer Fixed

BHB Tipster “Greg” writes to tell us that the damaged sewer and curb at Joralemon and Clinton Streets he told us last week that had gone unfixed for two years has now been repaired. Coincidence or the POWER OF BHB? Greg says:

My wife pointed out that the corner was repaired today. The BHBlog is super influential!!

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  • bornhere

    Amazing! This is one neighborhood change even I won’t whine about.

  • Jorale-man

    Yes – whatever the reason, it’s good to see. While we’re on the topic, I rented a car the other day and drove on Heights Streets for the first time in probably over a year. What a mess they are to drive on!

    Hicks in particular is full of bad patch jobs and could wreck your tires if you drive too fast on it. Henry isn’t much better. You don’t realize it as a pedestrian normally but the roads here really need some attention.

  • davoyager

    They have fixed that corner before and the repair is rapidly destroyed by trucks. Let’s see how long it lasts this time.

  • joralemonstreet

    I was thrilled to see that “repairs” had been made, and trust it was the power of the BHB that got the ball rolling. However, I must agree with davoyager–the DEP has fixed this corner countless times over the years and it always falls apart.

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    Good Work

  • Dan

    This is -at best- a temporary fix. Without a stone curb or proper reinforcement, the corner is going to fail again. The area needs a proper curb and I hope that everyone(DEP, building owner) is sensibly waiting until the construction is finished to refurbish the sidewalk in a more permanent way.