Reader: Brooklyn Heights Sewer Dangerous and Unfixed for Two (!) Years

This just in from a BHB tipster:

Curious to know if you heard anything about the NW corner of Clinton/Joralemon being fixed? It’s been broken (and unsafe) for about 2 years now. A couple of weeks ago I noticed what looked like a plank of wood and an orange cone but it seems to have been left behind.

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  • Jorale-man

    The northeast corner is in bad shape too. The construction on that building has generally made that corner a bumpier place. One hopes that whenever the condos there are complete the owners will take better care of the sidewalks.

  • Maltz

    Correction – NE corner

  • joralemonstreet

    That corner has been a mess for years, and it drives me crazy. The DEP makes superficial repairs every few months, which disintergrate within weeks. They aslo leave wooden horses and plastic cones on that spot, which after weeks of being stepped on, etc. also begin to disintergrate. The damaged corner is hazardous, as is the pile of junk that the DEP alwys leaves behind. I asked a DEP worker about it and he said that the corner was impossible to fix. He also said that it is not worth it for the DEP to return to a worksite to retrieve the cones and horses. What a horrible waste of money. The garbage that has collected in the sewer is gross–isn’t the market responsible for sweeping? The sidewalk and curb surrounding their store is always a mess. Calls to 311 have been fruitless. Any ideas?

  • Monty

    I’ve noticed it being fixed then destroyed again. I think maybe a lot of large trucks keep crushing it.

  • smk

    ?Impossible to fix? If they would put steel instead of concrete at the curb, the problem would be solved. They just keep pouring the same cheapo concrete, then surprise, three months later it crumbles again. I have lived on the block for 8 years and it’s been the same story. Penny wise, perhaps, but by this time they could have paid for a higher-quality steel grate and curb many times over. Maybe it will take a slip-and-fall lawsuit to wake up whoever is in charge, I’ve certainly tripped there plenty of times…

  • bornhere

    Pedestrians HAVE fallen on that corner, which, as Joralemonstreet pointed out, has been like that for years. The “years” have been, literally, decades: while walking home from dropping my son off at Packer some 20 years ago, I saw a horrible accident with an elderly woman who had tripped on it and, evidently, hit her head on the sidewalk. It was an unforgettable scene — but here we are, and it is still a mini-disaster area. How hard can it be to repair?? Curbs and sidewalks are ripped up and repaired all the time. Very odd.