Open Thread Wednesday 7/6/11

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  • harumph

    2nd the option of Chelsea Mkt for knives

  • Topham Beauclerk


    I pay $365 per month in the garage in the tower on Cadman Plaza West and Pierrepont which, I believe, is the cheapest in the neighborhood.

  • Big Dave

    AEB, I second The Smoke Joint as a great place to eat near Irondale. Great food, great prices and really nice wait staff!

  • NY2BK

    @Ari Clever, but not analogous. Based on years of observation in the neighborhood, the “chicken bones”, urine filled water bottles left on the curb, etc. are “99%” not left by “BH residents” — “99%” of the dog $h!t is. There is no excuse for either.

  • AEB

    CM, thanks for the recommendation. I’ll definitely keep the place in mind, even as a “worth the voyage” spot.

  • AEB

    And thanks Big Dave for seconding the emotion.

  • Sarina

    It is nice that there are movies in the BB Park but not allowing chairs on the grass makes it completely unappealing to most residents of the Heights unless they are under 25.

  • Ari

    JM – I hear ya. But it would be a major logistical nightmare to close portions of both sides of Manhattan to facilitate having fireworks on both sides of the island. Both from a traffic perspective and most importantly I suspect from a security standpoint.

    To me the irony of it is that having the fireworks on west side doesn’t really benefit the city of New York as best a possible. But rather the west side of Manhattan and New Jersey. Previously both businesses and people from Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn got to enjoy the fireworks when they were on the East River.

    I just don’t understand why 6 barges need to be that close together. Whether they be on the west or east sides, why not at least separate the barges with more spacing so they can be scattered over a much larger area and thus provide a lot more people the benefit of the show. (I suspect security and traffic concerns also nixed that approach as well).

  • misterbones
  • Andrew Porter

    Once upon a time, Macy’s was a NYC company. Now that they’re national (remember, Chicago and San Francisco, to name two, lost locally-named stores which were changed to the Macy’s name), it’s not logical for them to cut off fireworks viewers in NJ. Having said that, I’ve heard they might bring fireworks back to between Manhattan and Queens.

    I again watched the fireworks on my nice big HDTV. They were great except for that really dumb “sparkler” effect in the upper right hand corner.

    Anyone notice the big cloud burst that just came through BH?

  • Andrew Porter

    Forgot what I was gonna post originally: they took the metal staircase off the Pineapple Street side of the sidewalk shed that’s been around he base of the St. George Tower for what? two? three? winters now. Next step is to take the thing down. One less sidewalk shed in BH!

  • PierrepontSkin

    I was thinking about this fireworks problem, myself. Why not just put the barges in the middle of the harbor, right below Battery Park City? It seems incredibly logical, then again, the good folks who make important decisions for this city are not all that logical.

  • sunshinebk

    Major subway issues at the moment, the 2,3,4,5 ALL are not running into or from brooklyn. Just a heads up !

  • The Bear

    Was wondering if anyone has tried the semi-new “Seasons” restaurant lately? Was there last Saturday evening and had a very disappointing meal. There were a few customers there, but it wasn’t overly busy.
    I wrote an email to them but have yet to get any reply back…

  • Buggs Bunny

    Money is the grease that lubricates the city. If you ever ask yourself ‘how did this happen?’ you have your answer – money got involved.

  • David on Middagh

    Unfootnoted cynicism is less compelling than gossip.

  • Buggs Bunny


  • Jeffrey J Smith

    Amazing everybody….

  • Alanna

    FYI – went to Colonie on Sunday night – ABSOLUTELY fantastic service, food and ambiance.

    I’ll definitely be frequenting here.

    Doesnt hurt that an ex-SNL”er was eating dinner at the table over from us, either :)

  • harumph

    Colonie rocks.

  • PS 8 parent

    General Greene is at DeKalb and Clermont. Really good small plates. And ICI is at DeKalb and Vanderbilt. Olea is also great.

  • Topham Beauclerk


    Furman St? I’d rather pay $48 more.

  • cat

    I know this will seem archaic in the age of Expedia, Orbitz, the internet, etc., but does anyone know a reputable travel agent?

  • BH

    @The Bear: yep, tried it, didn’t like it at all. Would be surprised if it lasts through the end of 2011.

  • EHinBH

    Went to Seasons for the third and final time last week. It was awful. They said they werent doing the pre-fixe that night, but we stayed anyway. Had a terrible meal. Every dish was made with the same mush of veg that seemed as if it was cooked the day before. The shrimp were from frozen, and the ny strip steak was very tough and thin. Should close soon. Funny thing is that I heard it is owned by the people who run Pete’s down at Fulton Ferry. Though a tourist trap, that place at least has edible food. Dont know why they arent trying harder at Seasons. R.I.P.

  • JAFO

    @ Cat

    Fakir International Corporation
    199 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
    (718) 596-1720

  • Monty

    Does anyone know if I need a permit to host a kid’s birthday party at Palmetto Playground? It would be in the neighborhood of 10 3 year olds plus parents. We are going to have food and drinks, but mostly just let the kids bounce off of the train.

  • bklyn20

    @Monty — you should probably call the Parks Dept or 311 for offficial imformation. I believe there are rules concerning amplified music (I think it’s a no) and possibly also rules against restricting access to any parts of the park for other park users. You could also try calling the CB2 off at (718) 596-5410; they will point you in the right direction.