Open Thread Wednesday 7/6/11

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  • Claude Scales

    Great photo.

  • AEB

    OK–I’m going to see “Pins and Needles,” which is playing at the Irondale Center, 85 South Oxford St., in Fort Greene. Anyone know of a good restaurant in the nabe, not too far form the theater?


  • harumph

    does anyone know what is going on with the construction (deconstruction) on Hicks Street between Montague and Pierrepont?

  • Claude Scales

    harumph: I believe it’s National Grid installing new gas pipes.

  • harumph

    Thanks @Claude it is seems like a huge undertaking and the traffic (foot and car) is more than a little funky around there….

  • Jorale-Machine


    You’ll only be a few blocks away from Olea, on Lafayette Ave. Terrific Mediterranean small plates place on a nice block.

  • LG

    Any ideas for a reasonably priced long-term parking space in the area?

  • Capulet

    This morning while jogging on the sidewalk on Remsen st bet hicks and Montague Terrace, I stepped on fresh dogsh*t. It was a big fresh pile and I almost slip. I can only say that I spent a lot of time with a girlfriend who owned a dog (now dead – the dog, not the girl) and it was always a big deal for us to always carry “poopie-bags” when walking the dog. As we grabbed the leash, we automatically grabbed not one, but two ” poopie-bags” for those happy double breakfast poop days. And the sidewalks around the building where she lives (the girl, the dog is dead) in downtown manhattan and in which there are tons of dog owners, are clean of dog poop. I mean, WTF, dog owning BH residents!!!??? Really, W T F??!!

  • AmyinBH

    Caputlet, Warning: You will soon be chastised for bringing up a negative topic. You will soon be told that 99.9% of dog owners pick up after their pets. Dog poo has been a huge problem in the neighborhood since i moved in 14 years ago. There are plenty of people in BH who think it is aboved their station in life to clean up after their own pet. I just hope instant karma gets them and their expensive shoes. Good to hear you didn’t slip and get hurt.

    Don’t forget to check in on elderly neighbors during the next few days. The temperature is going to be high and the air quality will be low.

  • AEB

    Thanks, Jorale-Machine. Will go.

  • Capulet

    @amy: thanks. It would have been a dog-sh*tty day if I had slipped and hurt.

  • lcd

    Anyone know a decent knife-sharpening place? Ever tried Cook’s Companion on Atlantic?

  • Monty

    @Amy, while I can believe the number of responsible dog owners is above 50%, it is nowhere near 99%. The volume of poop on our streets is caused by a fairly large number of dogs or a few very incontinent ones.

  • Ari

    This morning while walking my dog on the sidewalks of Clinton st bet hicks and Montague streets, I stepped on fresh piles of garbage; chicken bones, discarded fast food scraps, bottles, broken glass. It was a significant scattering of garbage and I almost tripped. My poor dog tried to scarf down all of these potentially threatening pieces of garbage. I can only say that I spent a lot of time with a girlfriend who ate food while walking on the streets (now dead – the relationship, not the girl) and it was always a big deal for her to always carry “her trash” to the nearest receptacle when walking with food. As we approached a street corner, we automatically made sure that we threw out the trash in the proper waste baskets, not on one corner, but two ”garbage cans” for those happy double breakfast days. And the sidewalks around the building where she walked (the girl, the relationship is dead) in downtown Brooklyn and in which there are tons of people clogging the streets, are littered with trash. I mean, WTF, BH residents!!!??? Really, W T F??!!

  • GHB

    That was great, Ari! Capulet, you’re right that dogsh!t is a problem, and most of us do clean up after our pets, but there are always a few. And Amy is wrong… it’s not people who think it’s beneath them to clean up (I think that’s what she meant). Most Heights residents want clean streets too. Ari reminds me that I’m as offended by those who toss their chicken bones on the sidewalk or Promenade as I am by those who leave dog poop.

  • Arch Stanton

    Ari, Brilliant!

  • EHinBH

    @LG: If you dont mind the walk to downtown brooklyn, the lot on Scherm and Hoyt is 150 for the month + 5 every time you take the car out. It’s outside, but have never had a problem.

  • harumph

    @lcd – cooks companion is better than the truck – but not great…only if desperate – otw I wld try another place.

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    Question, several people have asked me what is the thin silver
    pole at Montague and Clintion on the south west corner?

    I thought i’d ask before making inquieries directly.

  • cat

    @harumph: what other place? I’ve been thinking of taking some knives to Cook’s Companion instead of the truck. Do you know of another place?

  • Georgette

    Did anyone else notice that Fresh Cafe Bar has false advertising? The awning claims it sells frozen yogurt. I could really go for some fro-yo this time of year…

  • lori

    The best place to sharpen knives is at the Chelsea Market – it’s worth the trip. But how do you get there without being stopped for carrying a weapon? That’s the problem!

  • Capulet

    Now I cant wait for the bike lane version…

  • Eddyenergizer

    Dull knife folks. why don’t you just buy sharpening stones and learn how to sharpen them yourselves? Its not hard to do and is one of those basic skills that really comes in handy.

  • M on Willow

    @Capulet and Amy — poop conundrum pervades in most of the neighborhoods where I’ve lived in NYC and Brooklyn … only doodyheads don’t pick up.

    Should anyone need the services of an amazing dog walker who always picks up please reach out at

  • CM


    I saw Treasure Island at the Irondale earlier this year and ate at “The Smoke Joint” at 87 S Elliott Place very nearby for the first time. REALLY good BBQ, and I’m talking REALLY good. Moderate prices and fast service too.

  • LG

    Thanks for the tip on parking at Scherm and Hoyt, I’ll check it out. Any other parking ideas closer to Hicks & State Streets?

  • AmyinBH

    GHB, Very few of dog owners are physically incapable of picking up the poo. And, I would honestly mind a lot less if I saw an elderly person leave a pile. All the offenders I see are perfectly capable of picking up the poo. They just don’t. So, what excuse do the offenders have? Clearly they think it is beneath them or they are so self absorbed they have no regard for the safety and health of others. And, lack of a bag is not an excuse. It should be standard practice to take a bag or two with you when you walk your dog.

  • JM

    Why does the West Side get ALL the fireworks barges from Macy’s again this year.
    Last year they said it was only moved to celebrate the anniversary of Henry Hudson. This year was some crap about the 125th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty, but as far as I could tell there were NO fireworks at the Statue and the TV coverage showed a REPLICA of her arm (seriously) propped up on the West Side so it looked like fireworks going off around her by using a clever camera angle?!?!? Why not just do it in Vegas next year? 6 barges and they couldn’t split them up between East & West?

  • piano-giver

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