Holiday Weekend Open Thread

In town for the Fourth? Let us know what you like or dislike about being in Brooklyn Heights for a long weekend. Away for the holiday? Let us know if you’ve found a choice spot for a short break, especially if it’s not too distant and accessible by public transportation. Otherwise, just let us know what’s on your mind.

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  • Jeffrey J Smith

    I have wonderful memories of the 4th as a youth and young man. We would always go to a family owned property or large home. Sometimes in central Brooklyn in Park South. We would ALWAYS Have a LARGE collection of fireworks, along with Flags and patriotic decorations and bunting which the women placed inside the houses and the men attached to the outside of homes and buildings.

    There were fireworks going off from like April 15th to the Fourth in all the neighborhoods. The days before the fourth felt like the neighborhoods were in armed readiness…they were. The fireworks we all had were enough to, well blow up the world it seemed to us kids.

    I would go with my father or uncle to buy fireworks. They always got something like a crate. A crate was like 15 “mats” which was like 60-80 packs of 1 1/2′ inch firecrackers, a gross of cherry bombs or ash cans, Roman candles, rockets and sometimes a pin wheel. We’d put it in the trunk of our Hudson Hornet!…or my uncle’s imperial. Then we were off to home.

    After dinner the long anticipated time arrived we started with sparklers then moved quickly into lighting off packs and larger fireworks. The adults always closely supervised.

    But you know, before the fun with the fireworks began, either my father or one of my uncles would line us up and ask us what we thought the fireworks were there for. They would then instruct us that the REASON for the fireworks was to remind us that the USA was born in battle and brave and good men had to give up their lives so we could have a country and freedom. And were clearly reminded that the fireworks were a fun way of reminding us that someday WE might have to defend the country (with REAL munitions)

    God Bless America, and everyone, even Winston, have a wonderful fourth.

  • Eddyenergizer

    We went to that new restaurant last night, check out the video review:

  • Elmer Fudd

    I’m lookin for some wabbit.

  • Elmer Fudd

    I’m lookin for a wabbit wearing a short skirt, and wyding a bike. Heh…. heh.

  • John

    How come every gas station in the city has lower the price of gas except the SHELL STATION on Atlantic Ave. and Henry Street ?



  • someone

    Whats going into the old Mr Souvlaki place? All permits are for chinese construction companies. Chinese food or nail salon?

  • val

    WTF??? Hudson River fireworks AGAIN?

  • Claude Scales

    Someone: I’m betting on Great Wall II.
    Val: sadly, yes.

  • JAFO
  • cat

    There was a parade of people speaking/chanting in Spanish walking north on the sidewalk on Clinton Street last night (Friday night) around 10:00pm. (Coming from Atlantic and going to…?) Definitely an organized group. Does anyone know what that was all about?

    Jones Beach was beautiful today. A bit crowded, but the temp is always at least 10 degrees lower than in the city. Love that ocean breeze.

  • cat

    @John–as people who were the victims of that Shell station crookery, we give them NO business (but have no problem taking their free air for our tires).

  • Bongo

    @John. Because they are a full-service gas station, who make much of being the nearest gas station to the BQE, and the folks from NJ who are used to compulsory full-service stations there. It is crookery, but as more and more stations vanish in this neighborhood, I’m sure business is booming.

  • BH

    when will the fireworks return to the east river? I thought the Hudson was a temporary thing.

  • Seeking an exterminator

    I think that a rental car I recently drove had bed bugs, and I am now terrified that they’re in my apartment. Can anyone recommend a local exterminator?

  • Native

    Great article today re: fireworks in NYX:

    Was especially impressed by one comment by Bowen Cho of Germany (comment #4) who wrote:

    Fireworks are extremely insensitive to veterans, and cause many veterans unneeded anxiety by triggering flashbacks. Oliver Stone’s 1989 Oscar-nominated film, Born on the Fourth of July, based on the memoir of Ron Kovic, a Massapequa native and Vietnam veteran, illustrated this point in several harrowing scenes.

    We glorify and trivialize war when we choose to celebrate with fireworks. For example, the purpose of certain popular firecrackers is solely to mimic the sounds of war, such as artillery and other explosives. It is unsavory that people find these sounds entertaining, and seems insensitive to the pain and sacrifices of those who served, as well as those who live in war-torn countries, where the sounds of rocket attacks and gunfire are all too real.

    Fireworks also cause significant stress for wildlife, particularly nesting birds, as well as companion animals. Furthermore, fireworks contaminate air, soil, and water when they launch and explode, releasing perchlorates and toxic heavy metals. Fireworks can also lead to the formation of dioxins, a known human carcinogen and hormone disrupter. Many of these substances persist in the environment and also accumulate in the human body. A 2007 study by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found that perchlorate contamination in surface water increased to 1000 times above normal concentrations after fireworks displays and persisted in the environment for several months. Considering the sheer magnitude of residential fireworks used throughout the country, it is not unreasonable to be concerned.

    Certainly, public fireworks displays, when they are handled by experts with the proper permits and at the proper place and time, can be a spectacle of awesome beauty. But in the wrong hands, fireworks are a public nuisance and safety and security hazard. For all the talk about the threat of domestic terrorism, it seems the height of stupidity that our lawmakers would now loosen restrictions on such dangerous explosives.

  • Arch Stanton

    Native, terrorism from fireworks? please do some research before you spout off such nonsense. All fireworks sold to civilians in this country (if the state allows them) are class C. there are no high explosives and the amount of low explosives/propellents contained in them are relatively safe.

  • Knight

    @Seeking an Exterminator: Iron Curtain Exterminators here in the Heights. (347) 599-2194

  • Seeking an exterminator

    Knight: thanks. You’ve used them?

  • Knight

    Not me personally but my building. The owner is also the super at 130 Hicks.

  • Anonymouse

    The best bed bug exterminators in the city are Killer Queen:
    (516) 481-7378
    His company is called Boot-a-Pest.
    Also, Standard Pest Mgmt
    The former is the #1 most recommended and touted exterminator on, the site most popular for bed bug sufferers.
    The latter’s president was on the bed bug advisory board for NYC and in general the company is conscientious and knowledgeable.
    I suffered from bed bugs a couple of years ago, and though I didn’t use them, I wish I did. I used someone else bc I didn’t discovered these in time. I have met Killer Queen in person, and I can tell you that he will not treat you if you DON’T have bed bugs, though many exterminators WILL, just for your money. I can answer more questions if you have any.

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    Re: Native

    Of ALL the things EVER written on this blog, including about
    me, your entry is bay far the most “amazing” thinking I have
    ever seen.

    Everyone remember, this country was BORN in battle
    and fireworks remind us of the bravery of those who
    faced REAL danger for everyone to have our country.
    safe and free.

  • Native

    @Arch Stanton: No one is “spouting off” (other than you) but rather commenting that the legal sale of fireworks in States that are in fiscal difficulty is a poor idea (did you read the Times article?) and, further, that there is inevitable spill over of legally purchased fireworks in States like Pennsylvania that cause misery in States like NY. What’s more, the point is that fireworks are antithetical to celebrating soldiers, many of whom are already emotionally strained from the real thing. Finally, dismissing the possibility of fireworks and terrorism is what they referred to in the 9-11 report as a “lack of imagination.” I could think of dozens of ways a nefarious mind could make a major impact with store bought fireworks. If you think it’s so unlikely, go to YouTube and look at the plethora of “Fireworks Gone Wrong” and “Fireworks Fail” videos. I personally know of a half dozen people who, in my lifetime, have lost fingers, hands, ears, and eyesight to the “fun and games” of cherry bombs, M-80s etc, not to mention the unnecessary fires. Oh, and then there’s this:

  • Seeking an exterminator

    Thank you, anonymouse.

  • Pyrrhus

    @someone: if chinese construction companies have the permits, I guess it’s futile to keep hoping for another greek restaurant in the former Mr. Souvlaki space! I moved here from Astoria in 2003 and I really miss the authentic greek cuisine.

  • Claude Scales

    Pyrrhus: have you tried take-out from Sahadi’s? They make excellent moussaka, pastitsio, lamb with pine nuts, spanakopita, taramosalata, octopus salad, and so on.

  • Elmer Fudd

    Mr. Souvlaki was terrific, and not expensive. I really liked the people who worked there, and the food was always great. Never disappointed.

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    Re: Native

    Let me understand this: you say Fourth of July Fireworks are causing “misery” in New York State?

    Your thought is that traditional celebrations on the fourth are
    what?,”antithetical” to honoring the service of those in our armed forces or the service of veterans? …What?

    Unless someone is engaging in some kind of poor humor here
    these statements represent among the absolute ne plus ultra’s of “amazing” thinking which has ever been presented on this blog…bar none

    Are people injured on the Fourth? yes, but think of the millions of people who have a wonderful time and have wonderful memories
    what percentage of all these are injured?

    Do we stop driving, flying, ski vacations, motor cross, what about
    drag racing? Want to know the percentage of persons FAR more
    serously injured in on the job accidents?

    Surrendering great national traditions related to patriotic obser-
    vance for a small measure of safety is a sure road to decline as a national cuture.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    In the Mr. souvlaki place will be French Vietnamese cuisine. I’m almost positive that was what my source said.

  • Happy 4th!

    Disheartening to have the Jehovah’s Witnesses scurrying around the nabe like worker ants on July 4, toiling as they do any other day. They show no respect for our nation that allows them to freely practice their cultism. (Their masters don’t even allow them to vote in any elections, btw.)

    Hey Native, how about we ban insane, illegal wars like those in Afghanistan & Iraq? We’ll have fewer shell-shocked veterans who suffer from PTSD & fireworks noises.

  • Andrew Porter

    Don’t know if anyone has noticed, but on Curbed and Brownstoner there was coverage of new DOT plans for Old Fulton Street, with widening of the sidewalks, extensive center medians that will be planted and curbed, not just painted lines in the street. This will prevent all the illegal parking that goes on now. Also, lots of stuff to stop tour buses, cars and others from idling and parking at Pier One. Do not understand why there’s been no coverage here.

    Just noticed a coupla days ago there are several dozen picnic tables stacked at the Skanska buildings; presumably these will be placed in BBP so people can picnic in the park. Good idea!