A Troll By Any Other Name: Eagle Reports on Romeo and Juliet Church “Controversy”

The Brooklyn Eagle has focused its laser hot Klieg light of news on frequent BHB commenter Jeffrey J. Smith. The outspoken Smith recently has been very vocal about his outrage over Theater 2020’s choice to stage its production of Romeo and Juliet featuring Muslim and Hindu actors at St. Charles Borromeo Church.

You know, because the Muslims are out to get EVERYBODY.

His BHB comments would make Long Island’s favorite xenophobe Representative Peter King proud with Smith proclaiming, “Catholic culture is indeed rich.” He adds that “this production does not belong in a Catholic facility.”

Apparently, the Eagle newsroom was abuzz when they received a phone call (what? his Telex machine was busted?) from Brooklyn Heights’ answer to Michelle Malkin, Mr. Smith:

Brooklyn Eagle: In a phone call to the Eagle, Smith elaborated by saying that both of these cultures (Islam and Hinduism) are basically hostile to Christianity. He added that during his childhood, before the advent of ecumenism, St. Charles Borromeo was packed on Sunday morning.

Sure, Mr. Smith is entitled to his opinion. Yes we’re glad the folks at the Eagle, especially its esteemed editor/Manhattanite Raanan Geberer, are reading this blog regularly (and perhaps someday they’ll have the technology to LINK BACK to us). But as any self-respecting web savvy commenter knows there’s only one place this discussion is heading:

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  • Regina

    If we’re going to dedicate a song to Jeffery I think this one fits best.

  • http://brooklynheightsblog.com John Avila

    Within the lifetime of those who have achieved an advanced middle age, there stood an apparently unchangeable and formidable fortress, capable of withstanding the poisonous toxins and vitriols of modernity.Today,however,we stand amidst its ruins; as the great Von Hildebrand put it:we find ourselves eyeless in the Devastated Vineyard.Although hardly a bastion of orthodoxy, Unamuno stated ,truthfully I believe,that our most heroic acts are,or at least seem to be, necessarily quixotic,as we war against such vast and overwhelming forces of a truly diabolical dimension,that however courageous our actions may be they are rendered seemingly ludicrous by our supernaturally clever and sinister foes.St.Augustine called the virtues of pagans “splendid vices” and Tertullian spoke of the perfidiousness of Athens(read the convoluted discourse of a decadent modernism).Analysts of today make similar charges.Should we not be ashamed for those who hurl groundless charges at such prophets, not addressing the issues raised but seeking to silence their thunderous voices by resorting to slander and the spewing of vicious diatribe. Ultimately,when faced with this mystery of iniquity, are we not compelled to ask: cui bono?

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Sock puppet?

  • David on Middagh

    One way or another.

  • weegee

    There used to be a CB operator, I believe, from Staten Island, using the handle “Doomsday,” who was at his best when drunk. His rants on channel 23 came in very clearly on my little set in the Heights; he would pull out every ethnic slur in the book (and a few that weren’t in the book) in a matter of seconds, while pontificating on any topic whatsoever.

    It was probably after the peak years, but this was the only “extremist” CB’ing I knew of. Picked up a “numbers” station on shortwave once, and occasionally got drowned out by people with illegal linear amps in the borough, but that was it.

  • nabeguy

    JJS, I lived in the Heights in the 70’s and was probably on your radar, as I also hung out in front of the App court on Monroe with a bunch of other kids. And that’s all we really were, kids. Bored kids. Kids with too much time and too few activities to fill it. Kids pretty much like those in any other neighborhood in the city during the long summer days. Sure, we weren’t always angels and yes, we were arrogant in our refutation of adult authority. Like I said, we were kids. But it wasn’t like community activists such as yourself were offering alternatives to occupy our time in a constructive manner. Instead, you chose to put the 84th precinct on your speed dial, and let them deal with the situation. I’m not sure what your own youth was like, but, given how you turned out, it seems to have involved a box and someone by the name of Skinner.
    I’m so glad I moved to LI. Out here, the racists and haters don’t pretend to be anything else, or try to hide behind some transparent “community leader” ruse. Well, for the most part that is, with Peter King being a notable exception.

  • nabeguy

    Oh, wait, I forgot, you did try to get us to do something constructive…but we drew the line at shaving our heads.

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    Re “Nabeguy”

    I can assure you I have NEVER been a test animal for ANY behaviorist. But I often feel the presence of Bill McDougal
    around me for some reason….

    Let’s see, you say that you felt during that period that you had “noting to do”? In the Heights? What about your big screen TV’s attached to the era’s Beta max’s? What about you or your friends’ record collections or emerging video games, what about the high end audio systems that innovative audio seemingly flooded The Heights with. You didn’t have enough to keep you busy?

    Well I tell you what…then and now, there a senior citizens center which needs help. There’s a homeless shelter which needs someone to help prepare food. There’s are hundreds of shut ins, sick and elderly who need help with everyday tasks or just to be looked in on for safety or keeping sprit up.

    There’s ALWAYS something to do when you are focused on helping others.

    But if want to sit and be self absorbed, whine, take drugs and disrespect the community you are so fortunate to be in, then you will NEVER be happy and no one will EVER be happy with you.

    I went all through that era. I never found a lack of “something to do” because I and many other of my associates focused on helping our community.

    Everyone needs a higher, healthy purpose for their lives. And concern for others is a key component In a happy stable, re-
    warding life.

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    Re; Weegee

    Even though you have not opted to reveal your real name of your background, I went into the archives which contain all my dozens and dozens of TV Interviews and appearances on various public affairs programs through the years.

    In doing so I found the two interviews you mentioned. Typical of many who are hostile To me, you have mentioned ONLY what is helpful to your attempts at assaulting me and have carefully withheld what you know would show your assertions to be false.

    You mention the late 90’s 10th Ave march in Brooklyn. Contrary to your assertion at No time were I or any person connected to me “shadowing” anyone. It so happened That the march happen-
    ed a half block from family residence. At the moment of that
    News film, I witnessed one of the marchers in the parade hold up a sign in bold letters Stating “The White man is the Devil” and then he spit(!) at two women directly In front of me. I certainly responded by showing my very strong disapproval for his actions.
    The news film caught a reaction which certainly, I think 99.9 % of Americans would find understandable. I certainly did not need anything like that anywhere near to my family. After the incident, I was interviewed and gave a well reasoned but brief statement to WPIX and WABC-TV In which I said I viewed the entire afternoon as an uncalled for assault on the neighborhood

    Next you mention the interview I granted ABC-TV on the morning after the St George fire. By the way, the ABC reporter appro-
    ached me. At first, people being interviewed gave a highly dis-
    torted picture of the reality and background of the St George and its effects on the community. So when asked, I strongly set the record straight that “the St George had been a constant source of drugs and violent crime in our community”. I ALSO stated that
    it would be better it ceased to exist…RATHER than remain under its present ownership. I’m sorry, I stand by those words. So do the dozens of long time Heights residents who highly complimented me on my remarks and having the courage to sand up to the
    PC forces and tell the unvarnished truth. The management of the St George may have sued the Brooklyn Heights Association. But I and my associates are NOT the BHA.

    See, weegee, or whatever your real name is, I would advise you in the future to attempt to tell the truth about me, my associates and activities. without omission or commission of falsehoods. People critical Of me all soon find they have to tell the truth because 1) unlike the average person I relish open examination of my state-
    ments, activities and motives…2) Any attempt to assault us or suppress our activities simply results in our greatly increasing the amount and quality, of our patriotic activities.

  • http://www.theater2020.com David Fuller

    Rehearsals are going very well – looking forward to our Thursday opening July 14 at 7pm!