Open Thread Wednesday 8/6/08

…and what’s on your mind this week? Comment away!

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  • question guy

    Hey, question for you long-time BHers out there–what is the deal with membership in the Heights Casino? Is it by invitation only? Is the mere fact that I have to ask an indicator that I’m just not moving in the right social circles and thus already ineligible?

    Also, why why why does Fascati’s close in mid-summer, when we need them most? I just don’t feel like cooking on these hot summer evenings.

  • T.K. Small

    You are right about Fascati’s pizza being closed. There is almost nothing more disappointing than thinking about pizza and then getting there to find that they are on vacation.

  • Curmudgeon

    August is the traditional vacation time in Italy. No doubt they are merely doing what all Italians do during that month. If you have done it once you will do it for the rest of your life because it is so restful. That is why they say you should never go to Italy in August since the country virtually shuts down.

  • frances k

    They close every August. Maybe they should post that for neighborhood newbies but it’s splitting hairs.

  • T.K. Small

    In light of the recent discovery on Hicks Street, perhaps this comment is a bit irrelevant. As they have been clearing the docs below the promenade of their structures, it occurred to me that there could be some asbestos in these buildings. Given the prevailing breeze up towards our neighborhood, any dust from the demolition automatically comes our way. Such — would also include the carcinogenic asbestos substances. Is this something to be concerned about?

  • yo

    i second the request for any information on the heights casino

  • Adam G

    Kim Paris, the Vietnamese place at Henry and Montague has closed. There’s a sign in the window saying that a restaurant called “Vegetarian Ginger” will be coming soon.

    I’m sad to see it go. It certainly wasn’t the best pho I’ve ever had, but it hit the spot and it was so convenient.

  • H Fink, Jr

    not gonna miss Kim Paris. Better pho is available at Nicky’s on Atlantic @ Smith.

  • JGM

    So one bland Asian restaurant closes and another opens in its place…fantastic…such is the way of Montague St. Maybe BHB can get a jump on next years story “Vegetarian Ginger Finds No Takers, Closing Soon” by interviewing the new manager/owner now. Why a couple of cheap decorations from Pearl River does not equal actual interior design, etc.

  • Pierrepont

    What I want to know is why only mediocre eateries can stay open on Montague. Anything truly good won’t last, and there always seems to be another short-timer waiting to move in!

    I got yer Spicy Pickle right ‘ere, pal.

  • Nancy

    Question Guy;
    You need to be sponsored by at least two current members of the Casino, to put in an application. After that, you are privileged to pay another monthly mortgage to belong

  • beth

    Kim Paris consistently disappointed me, but I LOVED the veg place that was there before them. I hope they are reverting.

  • nabeguy

    Homer, how do you feel about the Brooklyn Paper busting your cover?

  • Homer Fink

    @Nabeguy – feh. It’s the worst kept secret in America. Now if you want to think it’s retribution… that would just be silly. Right? I mean they’d print 50 Cent’s real name…

  • joe

    I’ll miss Kim Paris. I ate there at least twice a week. Nicky’s is too far for a convenient quick meal.

  • Pineapple

    Could Vegetarian Ginger be the Greens reincarnate?

  • AB

    OK, can someone tell me what’s going at 50 Cranberry–that wonderful foursquare old building at Hicks that’s scaled for happy dwelling nineteenth-century-style?

    No lights in any windows.

    No names on the door buzzer directory.

    Anyone know?


  • PB

    I miss Slades on Montague Street. the food was pretty good and the staff was very friendly.

  • Cyrus P. Smith

    Aren’t you about 100 years too late for 50 Cranberry?

  • Bob

    How about some props for Hot Bagel ? They did as promised and lowered the price of a bagel by 10 cents after the cost of flour came back down.

    Now, for those of us north of a certain age, 90 cents for a bagel may seem insane, but I give them credit for actually pulling back from the temporary price increase. I was resigned to the dollar bagel forever more.
    Happy I was wrong!!

    Sometimes, civility can be measured in little ways.

  • Bob

    Actually, for those of us of any age, 90 cents for a bagel seems insane.

  • BKBS

    Prices aside, always props for Hot Bagels. By far the best bagels in the neighborhood, friendly folks…and open 24 hours? Amazing.

  • cormac

    Regarding Heights Casino:
    I am a big tennis player, but I heard that the tennis courts in the heights casino are not air conditioned and the players suck anyways, so I would save your money

  • yo


  • AB

    Re my post above, the correct address is 50 ORANGE.

    There, does that jog loose any info?


  • Kingdom Come

    It’s a JW residence.

  • AB

    Thanks, JW. They DO have some of the chicest real estate–a function of divine SUPERrvision?

  • EAC

    What’s with the jungle outside of Key Food on Atlantic Avenue? The new red awnings look great though…

  • Just a Neighbor

    Homer am I going nuts or didn’t you used to have a column on the left hand side of your site that linked to many other Brooklyn nabe sites?

  • Homer Fink

    Just – don’t know if you’re nuts, but yes. Want it back?