Open Thread Wednesday 6/15/11

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

BHB Photo Club pic by BC&TC via Flickr

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  • malanga es malanga

    Possible Open Thread comments for this week:

    1. Complaint about cars/kids/garbage trucks making loud noises outside apartment at night.

    2. Or helicopters.

    3. Suggestion for better restaurant options on Montague.

    4. Jeffery J. Smith shakes his fist at the computer screen, then types a rant in all capital letters.

    5. Perhaps something about bike lanes.

    6. Notice of a book signing by Melanie Hope Greenberg…wait, she stopped doing that a while ago, didn’t she?

    7. At least one comment from the neighborhood old guard referencing how the Heights used to be, and mentioning at least one now-defunct business.

    Those are my favorites for the week. And yours?

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Rants?… Hey, call my lawyer…I never use all caps

  • AEB

    8. Church goers parking illegally;

    9. Evil from Arch S. directed at someone with whom he doesn’t agree;

    10. Unretrieved dog excreta;

    11. Garbage cans that are too full or suddenly absent;

    12. Complaints about restaurants current, coming and gone;

    13. Ghoulies and ghosties and things that go bump–or bang!–in the night;

    14. Missing pets;

    15. Unsavory folks who live in the local R train station……

    How’m I doin’?

  • north heights res

    Some lovely shots of our city, including several of Brooklyn. Unfortunately, many were probably taken from a helicopter that drove many local residents batty:

  • Montagueresident

    Let’s don’t forget the Fresh Direct trucks delivering at 6:30 A M and after 9:30 P M. Is there a noiser part of the whole city than Montague Street?

    Oh, and don’t forget ramblings about the millions of strollers and rude, entitled mothers on their cell phones pushing them!

  • Arch Stanton

    Oh AEB, You forgot to mention; longwinded diatribes about crossing guards moving trashcans, a few feet off the corner.

  • travy

    melanaga- you must be new for complaining is the very blood coursing through the veins of the heights. though extra credit for complaining about complainers which is quantum complaining. please report to crumbs for a free cookie or rickies for a box of strawberry condoms

  • Ginny

    I did not appreciate the very loud work being done on the railings of the roof of a building on Hicks between State and Joralemon Streets last Sunday. I think it was very inconsiderate of the owners.

    Bicycle riders (not only the delivery guys who tend to ride slower) continue to be a hazard: not stopping at red lights, going in the wrong direction of traffic (often going so fast that one does not see them coming even when you look both ways), riding on the sidewalks.

    Overstuffed trash cans on the corners will continue to be a problem as foot traffic to the new (beautiful) park increases.

    Also, I’ll chime in about the way Montague Street used to be with more “local” character: 2 butchers, a diner, a local cafe (not Starbucks), neighborhood bar (the Saloon)…the street is in danger of becoming just another homogenized version of every major street in the borough (think “Sleepys”, Banana Republic). Remember we had a bookstore or two? And, I’m sorry, but all the real estate offices don’t help, they just add to the commercial look. And exactly why did the newstand guy on the corner of Montague and Henry have to reduce the size of his kiosk? Was it really a permit issue? Or did it spoil the look of the real estate office on the corner – just asking.

  • Lee

    @montagueresident-update on fresh direct. this is the short version. talked to some guy about all the noise the trucks make, deliveries at 6:20am sunday and parking at the hydrant. after he started yelling at me for some reason i told him that i would be going to the police about the matter if this didn’t stop. he called me back yesterday told that he let all drivers that they had to stop parking at the hydrant and if i see one there i am to take down the truck number and call him with the number. i have his FD cell number if you want it.

  • Buggs Bunny

    Went to the new bagel place on Clinton Street and Atlantic. Okay food. No prices listed on the menu board on the wall.

    But, very nice eye candy behind the counter. That alone is worth a visit.

  • Clark Street Resident

    16. Students in the Clark Street dorms.

  • Montagueresident

    To the fellow neighbors on Montague Street who use Fresh Direct – PLEASE STOP ASKING FOR A SUNDAY MORNING 6:30AM DELIVERY!!!…you are waking up the entire block!!!! Since complaining to Fresh Direct does not go anywhere, maybe some consideration in regards to your neighbors would be appreciated. Besides, Key Food (only steps away from your door) open at 7am. Thank you!!

  • pankymom

    So, Montagueresident … let me get this straight: you are asking your neighbors, who you love as or more dearly than your own family and whose comfort you make sure to take into account with your every daily action, to actually put YOUR NEEDS before their own when they get their food.

    Consider this: they get the early delivery so they can take their noisy family and 7 barking dogs hiking in the Catskills for the rest of the day so they aren’t crapping all over the sidewalk in front of your building or riding bikes like mad things all over your park.

  • Dave

    Looking like we’re going to move to The Addison in Boerum Hill/Downtown Brooklyn UNLESS someone knows of a 2 bedroom with W/D in Brooklyn Heights. Save me from another neighborhood!

  • Curious

    Did they find that cute cat there are posters of everywhere?

  • toot4tink

    17. the grey hooded man

  • GHB

    on Friday 6/10 on Willow Street between Clark and Pineapple around 11:00 PM. Describe it and I’ll arrange to get it back to you.

  • Nancy

    If anyone is intereseted in a Weber Baby Grand piano-free!!! email me If you can pick it up; it’s yours

  • AEB

    Oh, Arch, you remember! ((big kiss))

  • eg

    Can anyone suggest a good window cleaner who wont break the bank? Really don’t know how to find one. Thanks

  • harumph

    Okay, I need to cart around 8 folks in the city for a couple of hours, visiting several sites (I’m car-less) which means multiple cabs (ugh!) or limo service – Can anyone recommend a place?

  • AEB

    Forgot to mention: I’m in need of someone to do a slipcover for a loveseat that’s about five feet long, standard depth.

    Don’t want to spend a bundle. Can provide fabric.



  • sky

    I hate that we can’t voice complaints without being mocked on this site. I guess most people here are stroller pushing, dog walking, young mothers with cellphones on their way to the Casino. I hate em all.

  • PierrepontSkin

    Grey-Hooded Man was seen only 2 days ago wearing ::brace yourselves:: ALL BLACK. Hood was still tight around his face and sweatpants were still in effect.

    Give it a rest. The guy hasn’t harmed anyone or done any wrong (that we know of). Maybe he just enjoys the neighborhood/scenery.

  • toot4tink

    Pierepont- IT WAS A JOKE. if you read earlier people were listing all the things that BRACE yourself people were going to complain about.

  • Montagueresident

    Thank you Lee. Those trucks wake us up every Sunday.

  • lcd

    Harumph – don’t forget the east river ferry is free til the 23rd I think. A good way to cart 8 people around, get a nice breeze and spectacular view!

  • Wrennie

    Thumbs up on the photo of someone who kinda sorta looks homeless.

  • Lee

    @Montagueresident- if you ever get woken up by the truck again or it’s parked at the hydrant go get the # of the truck and call the dude or email them with the number. we have to keep calling and sending threatening email. it’s the only way i got them to reply to me.

  • sunshinebk