Explosions Tonight Courtesy of “Hope for Warriors”

After the thunderstorms tonight, the very jarring explosions aka a “fireworks show” are courtesy of Hope for Warriors. However it’s for a good cause – the group helps wounded vets from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

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  • Rob Video

    does anyone know if there is a reliable source to find out, in advance of me looking out my window and seeing barges and police boats, when they are going to have fireworks on the East River?
    Some days we would have invited people over to watch, but unless it’s the 4th of July (and not even this year, AGAIN) we never have a clue.

  • Big Dave

    I REALLY think someone somewhere needs to vet these displays as to the type of charge and proximity to populated areas BEFORE granting permits. Last night’s fireworks were particularly jarring, more than I remember in many years. All our windows were shaking. It was bone-jarring,in fact. I shudder to think how the children sleeping in the DUMBO/Heights/Fulton Ferry/Seaport/Wallstreet areas were faring.

  • Jen

    I’m desperately looking for a fireworks calendar too…

  • Jen

    P.S. There will be fireworks at the South Street Seaport next Saturday, 6/18 for the annual Target festival.

  • Ari

    See here for a NY Harbor Events which listed out scheduled fireworks events.


  • Cranberry Beret


    Search on fireworks

    Next event is June 21

    Don’t think children’s day is happening this year at the seaport

  • Yorick

    These fireworks were WAY louder than any other that we have experienced before in B. Heights. Good God. Small children were woken from their sleep. We tried to call 311 but it was busy. Probably from all of the other families calling in. There really needs to be some regulations going on here!

  • lameguy

    @Big Dave

    “needs to vet these displays”

    Pun intended?

  • Government

    @Bid Dave & Yorick

    Isn’t it rather self-centered of you to complain about noisy fireworks, when our vets & innocent Iraqis & Afghans endure countless explosions from real bombs that blow them to bits???