Open Thread Wednesday 6/8/11

BHB Photo Club pic via Raison Descartier

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  • lois

    Vineapple on Pineapple is open. Nice place, friendly staff, delicious cookies and cappucino. HIghly recommended.

  • caitlin

    i heard the explosion as well! it sounded like nothing i had ever heard before… was very frightening.

  • EHinBH

    That pasta place sounds awful!!!!!!! Yeah, ‘high-end pasta’ with a name like ‘Oh My Pasta.’ That’ll happen… It’s for the Court Street crowd. Sad. Will just attract court workers for dinner rather than folks from the hood…

  • Ginny

    Yesterday, having almost been hit by a bicycle traveling the wrong way in the bike lane on Henry Street, despite my looking both ways, I can’t help but wonder what makes some people riding bicycles feel they have the right to disregard basic driving rules, courtesy and consideration for the safety of others (other than themselves). I have had many near misses, as have several friends and family members. I’m for banning bicycles on busy streets.

  • Bette

    Ginny – the bike lanes are a problem: bikes share the painted bike lane but go in both directions on it, creating a hazard for themselves (knocking into each other) and pedestrians who don’t know which way to look before stepping into the street, as well as cars which have to swerve to avoid the width of two bicycles passing each other!

    There should be (for example) a bike lane on Henry going only south, and a bike lane on Clinton going only north. That would help.

    I guess I could stop yapping and make a call to this guy:

    Borough Commissioner Joseph Palmieri
    (718) 222-7259
    16 Court Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11241

  • Arch Stanton

    Bikes are only supposed to travel in the direction of traffic.
    Pedestrians are supposed to only cross at the corner and with the light. I guess, everyone does not follow the rules at all times.

  • AmyinBH

    Does anyone know why the water area of Brooklyn Bridge Park looks a little low? I would think with all the rain this spring it would be at least as full as last year. It looks sad.

  • mlo

    Has anyone seen the guy who shows up near the steps of Borough Hall with his boom box and microphone and performs like 70’s soul/funk tunes. He’s a white guy with crazy glasses probably in his 40’s and he sweats like a maniac. He’s quite a character- i wonder about him

    Also last year there was a guy who played Spanish guitar – he was awesome- a very gifted musician and seemed to be a sincere person. I bought his CD and listen to it often. I googled him and he had an impressive bio. I’ve never seen him again-
    does anyone know of him or have seen him in the area lately?

  • Claude Scales

    AmyinBH: the water level of the pond at Pier 1 is maintained at a fairly constant level, as stormwater is drained off and collected in buried tanks for use in watering the lawns, etc. See here.

  • G

    Wow… We had dinner af Seasons the other day and i cabt express my disappointment. The food was tastless and stale. Really bad. : (

  • Just A Neighbor

    Speaking of explosions..WHAT THE HELL is going on out there?? Am I seriously hearing fireworks right now, in this rain?

  • MM

    @JustaNeighbor I thought the same thing. The thunder sounded just like fireworks (or maybe it was?) so I checked to see if the annual Children’s Day fireworks were tonight (nope the 18th).

  • joe

    The crying baby in the building next to me has been keeping me up for the past few nights. This baby not only has endurance but cries as his/her little life depended on it. *sighs*

  • Cranberry Beret

    It was a great fireworks display. Weird timing.

  • carlotta

    I heard the explosion, but can’t find anything about it – perhaps we all have extraordinary hearing – there was a large explosion in Montana – yah never know.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    I understand the big tag sale at Clark and Henry is set for THIS Saturday starts at like 9 AM till like 4 PM. But early birds usually get the worm. Recent tradition is for numerious sidewalk sales to be held this saturday.

    I know this is a Sacrilege to say on an e-publication, but consult local print media for listings of some of the sales.

  • David on Middagh

    Carlotta, I looked on the Con Ed website, but they don’t seem to want to publicize such things. Maybe someone sighted a repair truck within a few blocks of Hicks & Cranberry or Middagh?

  • mm

    I came on this site to see if there was any information an that explosion!! It really scared me and for the first time I really had a bad 9/11 flashback. Really, really shook me up in a way that fireworks or construction noises never have. Could it have been something on the BQE?

  • David on Middagh

    mm: Cranberry Beret said above that the lights dimmed on Cranberry St., which supports the “electrical transformer go boom” hypothesis.

  • GHB

    On the sidewalk on Willow Street between Clark and Pineapple around 11:00 PM on Friday. Leave your e-mail with a full description of the bracelet and I’ll contact you.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Does anyone know why? I really want an answer, nobody seems to know or care. What upsets me even more is the lack of sensitivity on the matter, people downplay it and say i’m being dramatic; well you should put yourselves in my shoes and think how you would feel in the same situation. I live here and demand action.

  • bklyn20

    Eddy, I went through the explosions in the South Heights a couple of years ago, and they were no fun — and they were during the day on a holiday. In the middle of the night would be much more frightening Have you tried Councilman Levin’s office?. They were very good on “our” explosion and might have answers on this latest phenomenon.

  • justwondering

    I am just wondering if anyone knows is “doggie” the orange tabby cat that was on the missing posters btwn willow and clark was ever found? I noticed that the signs have come down and i hope that means they have found him…. my heart always aches when I see an animal is missing.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    You can imagine what the owner is feeling right now…cats some-
    times no matter what you do for them develop the wanderlust and sometimes the find a new loving home. I’ve seen that happen. Members of my family have had a cat or dog appear and they
    take it in and later find it was someone darling. The pet was always returned (usually in far better condition than it was taken in, (Vet care and testing for problems is great today)

  • toot4tink

    I saw that the signs went back up today, I hope that he is found and where ever he might be I hope that he is safe.