Firefighters Rally to Save Firehouses

Gathering in front of endangered Engine Company 205 on Middagh Street and in Cadman Plaza Park this morning, firefighters and civilians then marched over the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall, where they met an assembled crowd of about 5,000, to protest plans to close twenty firehouses, eight of them in Brooklyn. Details and Channel 7 video here.

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  • Jeffrey j Smith

    I was at the rally it was great. The speakers represented the wide range of civic, labor and government circles now very concerned
    Speaker after speaker denounced the eliminations of ANY fire houses and other reductions in public safety services. A number of speakers cited long lists of extravagances in current city expend
    itures. The three gourmet chefts employed on the city payroll were cited as examples of present priorities.

    One speaker noted that bloomberg at the moment is with his private jet in BRAZIL and asked if the crowd thought he may be getting a waxing there. The crowd responded with dozens of “suggestions” as to what they thought he might be receiving there. None of the suggestions are printable here….

    But the best speech by far was Patrick Bahnken Pres of the Uniformed EMS union who called the mayor a “Piss Ant” and
    openly stated that the city would have all the funds they needed for public safety services if there was only less outright stealing in city agencies and programs.

    Amazing! A major city figure has now OPENLY stated what every seasoned political and business observer has known for years;
    If there was less THEFT in the government the city would be able to financially right itself.

    Comptroller Bill Thompson spoke opposing cut backs. But NONE of the speakers, even those strongly financially connected, touched any of the issues which actuially have the power to reverse the march towards public safety decline. None of the speakers, for example, touched the HUGE issue of the stagnant pools of city funds typically invested in larger financial institutions and favored banks at rates far below standard. (google the term “CAFR’s” and see)

    The energy of the rally was very good, but far short of what would
    fracture the boomberg mantle. What is really needed is a shattering event like the 1970 Hard Hat rally which stopped John
    Lindsay’s nonsense in this city and prevented him from becoming a national force.

    Unless those concerned with the safety of this city cause a May 8th 1970 level “event”, bloomberg will sail on…to all our loss.