“Sunset Soca” at Pier 1 Tonight

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy is holding its annual summer kick-off party tonight from 6:00 to 9:00 at Pier 1. Sunset Soca promises “a hot, hot, hot evening of tropical tunes, dancing, sizzling Caribbean food, and revelry for all ages.” More info follows the jump.

This year’s Sunset Soca will feature entertainment by Jah Pan, a steel drum and calypso band, and a special set by Trinidad Soca darling Lima Calbio, Caribbean inspired food and specialty cocktails from Ditch Plains by Benchmarc Events, and a silent auction.

Tickets can be purchased here.

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  • Billy Reno

    Good Heavens! I can only imagine the sinful, carnal mayhem that’s bound to be elicited by such clinking, clanking, ganja-fueled rhythms on a hot, pre-summer’s eve! Oh well, I suppose I shall attend only to sate my palate and witness the corruption.

  • nabeguy

    Billy, just remember to breath deeply and often.


    We paused on the Promenade to listen to the “hot, hot, hot” music. It struck us as totally inappropriate and out of context to the serene, romantic setting of our splendid metropolis as the sky gradually darkened through its wondrous palette of enchanting colors.
    Isn’t time to try something a little different, maybe even a little daring, for one of our local musical fund-raisers? Perhaps something more like those evenings on the pier at Santa Monica where folks of all ages go to enjoy solid swing music of the Big Band Era. You know sort of like those Ginger Rogers/ Fred Astaire evenings in the movies.
    Just sayin’…….
    Chances are you’d pick up a larger crowd and have them all leave just loving the evening’s spirit of harmony, community and true audio pleasure.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Martin, my good buddy,

    They did that last year, Swing Music. They even had swing dancers that could light up the carpet. (see attached)


    Good idea.

  • JAFO

    Did it really cost $145 for adults to enter? REALLY???