Man Saved from Falling Off Brooklyn Bridge

The NYT reports on an incident this afternoon on the Brooklyn Bridge mentioned earlier today in comments by Nabeguy:

NY Times: A man who was dangling from the Brooklyn Bridge was pulled to safety by police officers Sunday afternoon as scores of people watched from the pedestrian walkway, from the street below and from cars on the bridge that had been halted during the rescue.

When the officers arrived, the man, wearing a gray shirt and dark pants, was holding on to a railing on the southeast end of the bridge near the ramp to Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn. One foot was on a narrow ledge; the other hung in the air. Many feet below was an empty parking lot.

Dozens of police officers and firefighters, along with emergency vehicles, came onto the bridge and into the parking lot about 4:30 p.m. The man, whose identity was not immediately known, had both hands on the railing, but he was below eye level of the officers who had carefully approached him.

NY Times photo

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  • Jeffrey j Smith

    THIS, is WHY is a very, very bad idea to be without the nearest Fire Company 205/118 which is slated for closing….

    This kind of action is the difference between living in a safe civil
    envirnoment and the horrors of what would be the alternative.

    but well wishes and appeals to logic isnt going to save 205/118
    ONLY Force will do that.

    To stop further reductions in public safety services the Heights will need to have the intelligence to begin to touch the issues that this mayor and his budget gurus DON’T want brought to public atten-

    The first of these issues is the huge pools of hidden funds which most larger municipalities have invested in larger financial institu-
    tions and big banks usually at vey low interest. Sure, then thier friends lend the funds out at standard rates making HUGE profits.

    So how large are any hidden pools of cash in NYC?

    And how is it that debt service, NOT public safety, became the first legal obligation of government?

    Touch those issues and you can be sure the Heights will be allowed to retain its fire/public safety protection….

  • Bette

    And thank you to the police and firemen who responded at risk to themselves. This guy could have easily pulled one of them off the bridge. Their daily heroics should not be taken for granted.

  • Henry

    Has any asked “what was he doing that got him in that position?”

    He was probably just any candidate for a Darwin award doing something stupid and deserved to perish which would aise the collective intelligence of the rest of humanity.

  • Publius

    Congratulations Henry! You’ve just been selected for this month’s BHB Misanthrope Award. Each month a cranky curmudgeon like yourself is selected out of all the whining comments on this blog as the most asinine, selfish and anti-social. You’re now in good company with a host of like minded clownholes who wish their fellow citizens ill will.

  • publius

    Publius – was that you on the bridge?

  • Publius

    @fakepublius: Hit too close to home buddy?

  • philica

    I was kinda wondering what the guy was doing there in the first place too…but now I’m a little scared to even give my opinion on that.