Open Thread Weekend – Memorial Day 2011

What’s on your mind? Staycation or exotic vacation? Comment away!

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  • Lou

    Going to a farewell BBQ for some friends who quit their jobs, sold their apartment and are traveling the USA looking for their next place to live. Madness!

  • paul

    my wife and I did something very similar a few years ago (except for the selling our apt part) and it was one of the best things ever.

  • Amanda

    Lots of parking blocked off again today for Men in Black 3. Anyone know when they will start filming today and if it’s at all going to be worth watching?

  • Jorale-man

    I was on the first ferry to Governor’s Island this morning. Nice to have it back in business. One gripe: I wish they’d run the ferry service more frequently than once every hour. It becomes a long wait and it’s a bit of a sardine can with all the bikes on the boat.

    Also, some nice progress on Pier 6. Slowly but surely it’s looking more like a park.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Lou, Paul, I did a 3 month 15,700 mile cross country road trip a couple of yeas ago… Yep, it was one of the best things I ever did… I highly recommend it… gonna do another one soon…

  • Andrew Porter

    There’s an article on Brownstoner about the group of Queen Anne homes on Willow Street that are likely my favorite buildings in all of the Heights:

  • Just A Neighbor

    FYI, in case I’m the only person who’s blind enough to have this happen – Clark St. is closed off tomorrow/Monday for the film shoot. For some reason it made sense to whomever posted the signs to have them face out into the sidewalk and not into the street where a driver would actually see them. Good thing a passer-by notified me. Just don’t want anyone surprised to get a ticket or worse, towed.

  • GHB

    Sounds like more helicopters than usual are hovering over the Heights today. I thought that was going to stop?

  • Bette

    Jorale-man – I think the ferry should run every half hour after 11am, not every hour? And same when you return. (Although it depends on the efficiency of the captain I suppose – on my return to Brooklyn we waited for 40 minutes).

  • Jorale-man

    @Bette I’m sure you’re right. The official web site schedule says “runs continuously” which can be open to room for interpretation I guess. I also waited for a long time to return yesterday.

  • bornhere

    Andrew — Thanks to your post, I found a picture of the Clark and Henry drugstore from my wonder years. “Parker’s” had an outstanding soda fountain. Anyone else remember it? (Can’t find the tiny url thing, sorry.)

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    I remember the drug store VERY well. I remember going in there for medications for family members. Remember the bank of pay phones along the wall? Back in bad ole days…back in the USA.

    About the couple looking for a place to live…given what is hap-
    pening, I suggest a bunker…..

    Last day to see the INDY CARS at Macy’s. But they’re taking the cars out tonight. That’ll be a show in itself….

  • nabeguy

    Anyone who thinks that Engine 205 is dispensable was not witness to their bravery today in dealing with an EDP dangling off the side of the Brooklyn Bridge at the foot of Henry Street. Both 205 and 1818 were among the first emergency responders on the scene. 118 was an integral part of the rescue, shooting its ladder up to the person as he was grabbed by other emergency personnel, thus providing a back-up if their efforts proved unsuccessful. Fortunately, he was puled to safety. Certainly one of the scariest and most inspiring events I’ve ever witnessed. These guys are invaluable in so many ways.

  • David on Middagh

    GHB, the helicopter noise (at least some of it) is due to Fleet Week. So says this:

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  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Re: Nabeguy; you are 1000% correct. We cannot be safe without
    a ready force like 205/118.

    But well wishes and appeals to logic is unlikely to save the company. Only FORCE will do that.

    To do that the Heights as a community is going to have the intelligence to touch the well hidden issues which this mayor
    and his budget gurus dont mentioned….

    And the FIRST of these is the huge pools of hidden capital which
    NYC like all larger municipalities usually has invested in key lar-
    ger financial institutions including major banks at very low
    interest rates. Sure, then thier friends lend the funds out at top
    rates making HUGE profits.

    So, how large are the hidden pools of cash in the case of NYC?
    Begin to touch this issue and you can be SURE you will be allow-
    ed to keep your fire house and the vital protection it provides….

  • Monty
  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Its interesting…People are usually nice and talkative UNTILL
    you mention something like the CAFR’s or some of the real history some of the key figures in the Heights.

    Then what you get is the sound of silence.

    THAT alone says VOLUMES….

  • T.K. Small

    Yesterday, Paul Giamatti held the door for me. Thank you Paul!

  • David on Middagh

    T.K., I passed him today. He was shuffling forward at multiple miles an hour, head raised up a good forty-five degrees from the horizontal–no doubt still flush with pride over his deed.

    Fine fellow! Always nice to see him about.

  • Matthew Parker

    I was in front of him in the check out line at Key Food the week before last. I glanced over to make sure he wasn’t trying to read my PIN. ;-)

  • Matthew Parker

    The WSJ has an article about the impending final report from San Francisco-based Bay Area Economics on Alternative Funding Sources for Brooklyn Bridge Park: