Clark Street Pooch Wears Cheap Sunglasses

Nabe blogger/BHB reader Erin sends us this pic of a cool pooch cruising Clark Street this afternoon. See more here.

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  • Eddy de Lectron

    I don’t think they’re cheap… they look like Ray Bans to me…

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    He’d be a LOT “kooler” if he was in a 58 Imperial or a 57 to 63 Caddy or a Kool Cut Merc….

    It’s what you drive……..

  • BevD

    Cool dog- lookin good- guess if ts ok for us- why not for them.
    Everything else is on. Sun hurts usl just as much it would with
    them Some dog owners, believe in leaving their dogs tied up outside businesses. I HATE THIS. Take time out to walk and stay close to your pets. There are times in the past, i ve heard many sad stories. Dog should be leashed and wallked with their owner-pet sitters- not panting with fright- on the edge of a sidewalk- while they owners are walking up and down aisles or banking,etc.

  • macjohnson

    Sad news day on the blog, the owner had his dog photographed in DUMBO a little while back at the DUMBO blog. Plays worse then a Sunday strip of Marmaduke.