Open Thread Wednesday 7/30/08

Another OTW… what’s on your mind? Comment away!

Photo by Homer Fink

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  • Waiting

    For the space that used to house James Weir Flowers – I was walking by this morning and noticed on the architectural plans sitting in the window a big old “ATT” logo on the front page. Yay! Another exciting cell phone store! Anyone know for sure if this is what is going in?

    Any word on when Spicy Pickle will open? Looks like they might be putting the finishing touches on it.

    How about the old Thai Grille space? Any news there?

  • Just a Neighbor

    What’s everyone’s favorite weekday lunchtime space (to sit down and eat, not take out)? I work from home a few days a week and am sometimes able to escape for a bite.

  • Peter

    Kindof late, but does anyone know what ever happened to that poor woman who was hit by the livery driver on Cadman Plaza West back in December? Initial reports said that she died, then others said that she lived, then I heard nothing. Anyone know?

  • nabeguy

    General rant. Anybody know why sanitation workers find it impossible to put garbage receptacles back in an upright position? I was walking back from getting my morning coffee, and the entire block was littered from end to end with cans laying on their side.I know they’re usually rushing to get the job done and not block traffic, but would 1/2 a second to turn the can upright really slow them down that much?

  • JGM

    You may be Waiting in Vain…. for that wine bar to open…in the meantime, how about another phone store! I must have missed the fact that AT&T does not have a store on Montague..I am not sure how the community was able to get by…

  • AB

    Two theories, nabeguy, about sanitation workers leaving garbage receptacles on their sides:

    It’s quicker not to bother uprightng them.


    The thing that always amuses me–well, that gives me pause–is when any garbage that doesn’t make it into the truck’s maw in the first and only dumping ends up, and is left, on the street.

    Koan: what is the sound of a job being done and undone at the same time?

  • Andrew

    I don’t know how crowded they are at lunch, but for a weekday lunch, you could do mcuh worse than Tazza or Iron Chef House. Siggy’s, Lantern, Heights Cafe and Teresa’s also are options.

  • Peter

    I have only been to Heights Cafe twice, both times the food was terrible. I like that it has outdoor seating, but the food is sub-par.

    I like SuperFine, really solid food. Haven’t eaten lunch there during the week, heard the service can be slow, but quality food.

  • Beavis

    Don’t forget Tutt Cafe. Decent Middle Eastern and good prices. Outdoor seating too.

  • JJD

    Woman struck in December: She lived. She got her citizenship at the hospital. She was on her way to the oath ceremony @ Federal Court @ Cadman Plaza.

    Old Thai Grille place: Seems to become an office space. I was able to peek inside there the other day and it seemed they are putting up drywalls.

    AT&T on Montague: I think they are moving from their current space.

  • Jazz
  • Cranky

    Heights Cafe has a decent burger. That’s about it really. Nice to sit outside though.

  • Just a Neighbor

    Been to Heights Cafe, not in love whatsoever.

    Hit Tazza on Clark yesterday. Food was fine..average at best.

    Siggy’s is sitting in front of me right now for dinner but I can only stomach a couple of things from there. They’re always so slammed that I think they’re having problems managing the quality of their food.

    Haven’t been back to Lantern since they were DOH’d.

    Was headed to Wine Bar tonight for their not-exciting wine list but felt I should support it anyway. However, it seems that they’re closed. Boo.

    I wish Jack the Horse was open for lunch. I do love their food.

    What’s the lowdown on Teresa’s? I don’t know anything about it?

  • No One Of Consequence

    Teresa’s white borscht on the weekends.

  • joe

    hey Just a Neighbor, I like Teresa’s well enough. Its not great but for the price I think its a great value which makes me like the place more. I eat their perogies and my son loves their roasted chicken.

    Personally my favorite neighbor spot is Kim Paris on the corner of henry and montague (2nd floor). Their dinner crowd is dismal but lunch is usually festive. I usually have their vegetable spring rolls or their chicken satay, pho (its hot for summer I know but its their best dish) and iced vietnamese coffee.

  • joe

    BTW the bright side of the stretch of scaffolding on montague between columbia heights and hicks is that when it rains you can walk practically down the entire street without getting wet.

  • clarknt67

    Theresa’s is a very servicable, nice diner. Great place for a reasonably priced lunch or brunch. The food will be good, but likely not blow you away. Great bread, really tummy, and I usually leave the basket untouched. Very good soups too.

    I second Superfine, love that place

  • http://BrooklynHeightsBlog Karl

    Has anyone taken a stroll to the new Flatbush Corridor (Tillary to Myrtle) across from the Metrotech. It is amazin how many new skyscrapers are being erected in such a short time. You got the Oro at 40 floors and the Avalon Bay Luxury Rentals at 44 floors (foundation in place) and the Toren at 38 floors. Incredible to see such development in our backyard. Also, City Point will be across the street. City Point being the tallest building in Brooklyn. Between Heights, DUMBO and now this highly concentrated area of wealth, Brooklyn Heights businesses should really do well.

    Never thought Brooklyn would have so much wealth.

  • nabeguy

    Karl, have they filled them with tenants yet?

  • bornhere

    No strength in numbers … but not-for-the-better commercial changes seem to be epidemic:

  • nabeguy

    Hard to believe a that a no-competition butcher in the Slope couldn’t survive. Too many vegans, I guess. Bornhere, do you remember when there were 3 butchers in the Heights? (Sal’s, now Le Petite March, Mike’s, now Busy Chef, and one on Montague Street)?

  • http://BrooklynHeightsBlog Karl


    Oro is almost completed but no one has moved in yet.

    Toren still 8 months away from completion and Avalon Bay probably a year and a few months.

    nabeguy, ask me next June. lol

  • bornhere

    Oh, God, nabe, of course. And I remember when there was a butcher on the northwest corner of Clark and, dare I say it, FULTON streets! It was either Sam or Sal, and I always thought he had his eye on my mom. (And I couldn’t understand why a 40-something butcher [who I thought was so cute] didn’t think a 5-year-old girl was the better bet :)

  • insider

    To those who said that the COC businesses were are front the answer is that you were right. Money laundering?once again Alan slips awayLook into Alan Young’s partner Charles Petri check out what happend in 1978.

  • nabeguy

    Insider, does that mean I can I stop worrying about a potential slander suit now?

  • nabeguy
  • insider

    even more interesting petri all the way back to 1978

  • nabeguy

    “mini-conglomerate”=CoC. This guy makes DK look like a piker.

  • HDEB

    Anyone have pics of the lucite box full of $100’s by the courthouse this morning? They were giving out $20’s if you gave them the right to use a hidden video of you.

  • hoppy

    @ HDEB

    If it helps, there is a picture from the Brooklyn Eagle website of the cash-box from a few weeks back. Not sure of any ‘downloadability’ issues.