Filming on Willow Street Thursday

Get ready residents of Willow Street between Pierrepoint and Orange a Chevy commercial is being shot from 8AM – 8PM on Thursday (7/31).  But no worries if you’re expecting an “important delivery”, location manager Jared will make special arrangements.  Jingle his celly at 646- 773 – 6121.

And now the full text as seen on a lamppost or tree near you:

Believe Media is currently preparing for an upcoming Chevy Commerical Thursday July 31, 2008. We will be filming on Willow b/n Pierrepone & Orange from approx  8am – 8pm.

We will be clearing the parking on both sides of Willow for filming. We will also have Police Officers with us on the day of filming to assist with the control. Please let me know if you have any important deliveries scheduled for the day as we can make special arrangements.  Thanks in advance for your understanding and consideration.

Jared Smith

Location Manager

Think we’ll be part of a cool spot like this:

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  • Filming In Brooklyn

    How did I miss this? D’oh! Did you get any pics?

  • Andrew Porter

    Has anyone noticed the iPhone/ATT commercial where they click on an address and Google Maps comes up showing a star on Pineapple and Hicks Streets?

  • Andrew

    Apple’s guided tour on the new iPhone GPS capability also starts off in Brooklyn Heights and then sends the user to John’s in midtown. (Not that John’s is bad, but seriously– driving into Times Square instead of walking to Grimaldi or Fascati? That’s a long, long trip to get pizza.)

  • Ms. Mouse

    Wait a minute – the same signs appeared on Garden Place! Once the block was cleared of cars, the signs vanished and that was the end of it.
    So did they shoot the commercial on Willow, or were both blocks punk’d?