Gothamist to the Contrary Notwithstanding, You Won’t be Allowed to Smoke in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Last week, we reported on a city-wide ban on smoking in parks, which includes the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. We assumed this would also include Brooklyn Bridge Park, but today were surprised to see this:

Gothamist: Luckily for those who still choose to look really cool and smell terrible, state parks are exempted from the ban because of Freedom, so you’ll still be able to light up at the East River State Park and the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Nothing pairs better with that view of Manhattan than a cool, Carolina smoke.

Well, we thought, BBP isn’t a state park, though it’s not exactly a city park, either; at least it’s not under the jurisdiction of the City Parks Department, and has its own rules, though it tries to keep them in conformity with rules applying to city parks. So, we called the Park’s offices, and spoke with spokesperson Ellen Ryan, who said it was BBPC’s intent to amend its rules to comply with the city park rules on smoking. Park personnel, she said, will be instructed to enforce th no-smoking rule.

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  • Whatever

    I’ll see you there, stogie in hand.

  • David on Middagh

    @Whatever: I don’t think *that’s* permitted in the park, either!

  • nabeguy

    Keep it up Whatever and there will soon be a city-wide ban on you.

  • JAFO

    I wish smoking was ban from all public areas. The other day I was walking past PS 8 (on Middagh) and a man standing near the fence puffed a huge cloud of disgusting smoke directly in my path. He looked like a teacher but it was after hours. I wanted to say something but what do you say to someone that will never understand how it feels to be violated by smoke.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    This is the way all liberty slips away-one small relinquishment “for a reasonable, worthy cause” every day. Tiil you soon only have
    all have the rights of… a small radish, and nothing more.

  • x

    Lots of Euro/Asian tourists will be visiting/smoking there. Even if there is a ban, they will still smoke.

  • mlo

    I’m not in favor of banning smoking in outdoor public areas. I do however think people who smoke should be mindful of the surroundings. It should be common sense to not smoke near a playground or an area where there are young children etc. simply move away a bit before lighting up- the air will carry the smoke and the smell away. It’s a matter of courtesy to others and one’s suroundings like many other things.
    I think its more disusting that people think its ok to spit all over the sidewalk- use a hanky for God’s sake- or throw full soda cans out of windows or leave their dog crap on my sidewalk or take up the entire sidewalk without moving aside so others may pass or speed down residential streets
    Open your eyes look past yourself and exercise some common sense and courtesy

  • Gerry


    You said it all of the European tourists AND these wealthy Europeans who are buying up Manhattan real estate will continue to smoke.


  • Big Dave

    @mlo – gotta agree with the spitting thing –just yesterday I’m walking in front of Key Food and this guy decides the center of the sidewalk is the perfect place to, well, void some rheum. I mean, come on, at least use the gutter!