Boom! Out Go the Lights On Columbia Heights and Orange Street in Brooklyn Heights

BHB Tipster Perry says:

Columbia Heights & Orange
Power out.


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  • Gail

    The boom occurred around 5:15 PM when a manhole cover blew near the corner of Columbia Heights and Pineapple. Flames shot up from the opening. The FDNY and police responded. Apparently there were no damages or injuries, although a car was parked nearby. Lights were out in several houses in the block between Orange and Pineapple. (The Witness buildings nearby were said to have generators.) Con Ed arrived sometime later.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Well what happens when some city administration decides that
    the way to reduce expenses, (and keep the ability to maintain
    debt service-govt’s first “responsibility” under the law) is to
    further reduce fire service? What happens when two or more
    incidents requiring fire dept services occur within minutes of
    each other? , which happen in all cities.

    Human life should come FIRST