Theft at 132 Montague, Tenants On Guard

Residents at 132 Montague Street came upon this notice posted in their building this morning:

Attention Tenants:

There was a burglary in Apt. 6 on Saturday, 7/26/2008 during the early hours of the morning. I was sleeping through it all, as was my roommate. We heard nothing. My Toshiba laptop and my wallet were
stolen. Entry was apparently through the window.

Please take precautions. If anyone has any information or noticed anything suspicious, please contact [name redacted]*.

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  • Lupe

    Note correctly says it was a burglary, not a robbery. As they were asleep at the time, the thief couldn’t have used or threatened force. Well, I suppose the thief could have, but it’s pretty unlikely.

  • Homer Fink

    They wuz burgaled, not robbed then. Point taken, will yell at our copy editor… “homer fink”.

  • AB

    Sleeping through it was for those burgled the best course of “action” to have taken…..

  • lifer

    Keeping your window closed might actually have been the best course of action. I read the police blotter every week for this neighborhood, burglaries because of open windows and locked doors are pretty common.

  • lifer

    I meant “unlocked doors”, thank you and goodnite

  • T.K. Small

    When I was in college a nearly full bottle of 151 Bacardi rum was stolen from my room. Immediately I called the campus police and reported that “I have been robbed!” The police arrived at my dormitory shortly in a flurry of lights and sirens. As I conveyed the facts of what happened the police were genuinely disappointed that I had not been robbed, but in fact burgled. In the sticks of upstate New York at the SUNY Albany campus, robberies are simply much more interesting.

    Thank you for reminding me of this unfortunate chapter of my collegiate alcoholic years!

  • No One Of Consequence

    Are you 151 proof sure you didn’t just drink the stuff yourself and then forgot because you blacked out?