New Neighbor Open Thread 5/13/11

New to Brooklyn Heights? Thinking of moving here? Ask questions and comment away below!

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  • Dr. Michael Zidile

    Moving my Periodontal Practice to Brooklyn Heights was the best decision I ever made as its a great neighborhood filled with great people.

  • nabeguy

    …with bad teeth.

  • GHB

    nabeguy, speak for yourself!

  • alf9609

    My husband and I are moving to Orange Street in September. Very excited to be joining the neighborhood!

  • Dr. Michael Zidile

    I am slowly working on fixing the bad teeth popularity of Brooklyn Heights.

  • Sammy

    and trolling for free advertising!

  • Lou

    @alf9690 I hope you’re ready to deal with all the Orange Street gangs. The roughest in the fruit streets. Don’t be wearing your Orange colors on Pineapple or Cranberry, though. Thats a war cry. You feel me?

  • Monty

    LOL@Lou. For anyone considering a move to Brooklyn, I suggest you educate yourself by watching the The Warriors and Death Wish III to get an accurate portrayal of day-to-day life here.

  • Wallard

    @Monty, don’t forget “The Sentinel” for the day-to-day life-after-death of BH. Sort of like a late breakfast at Teresa’s, only with Burgess Meredith waiting on you.

  • alf9609

    I kind of figured it was more like “The Wire” meets “Black Swan”…

  • Mike

    Just moved to Henry Street about 2 months ago – Great neighborhood.

  • Lou

    Is there a list somewhere of reliable baby sitters for the BH area?

  • Alana

    I know a really good neighborhood babysitter if you need one

  • Jen

    LOL at the weak SEO job by the dentist

  • El

    I moved here a little over a year ago, but it’s looking like I might have to move again soon! I’d like to stay in the neighborhood, so does anyone have any recs for brokers / sources beyond the usual Craigslist / Streeteasy postings?

  • Knight

    El: Not sure if you’re looking to rent or own, but when I first came to BH a woman named Zelda Josephs helped me find a sublet in the St. George Tower (Hicks & Clark), where she herself lives. That was a great place to stay until I found something to buy. I’m pretty sure she still lives there but their doorman will know for sure.

  • bklyn20

    What about “Moonstruck?” You will learn that Carroll Gardens is on Cranberry Street and that Mafiosi live on Columbia Heights.

  • David on Middagh

    What? I’m not living in Carroll Gardens?!

  • Lou

    @Alana, I do indeed need a reliable babysitter. You’d think there would be enough teenagers around who might be seeking out that cash but they all seem like they are above it. If you have someone you don’t mind recommending you can email me at loureads @ gmail


  • Bette

    We have a very fine selection of banks. Grab a latte and take a stroll down Montague Street one sunny morning. You’ll find a grand Citibank, a stately Chase, a really special Sovereign, of course an HSBC, a Bank of America, a cute Dime Savings, an adorable Flushing Commercial. There is a charming TD Bank at 211 Montague if you like that sort of thing: they have the sweetest pen holders you’ll ever see! Oh my gosh, I almost forgot about the Commerce Bank – you cannot miss it – the automatic doors are to die for.

  • AEB

    Welcome, newcomers, to America’s first bedroom community….

  • Monty

    Can I give a quick shout out to River Deli? I’ve eaten there a few times in the past month and I’ve really been impressed. Wonderful fresh pasta and their new brunch service is really excellent. I don’t know I lived this long without knowing about Pani Frittau. Great coffee and great service too. It seems like it’s not as busy as it deserves to be and I would hate for it to go out of business.

  • bklyn20

    David, the people who own Cranberry’s are Italian but I’m afraid that’s as close as you’ll get.