Rally Against Chopper Noise at Pier 6 Sunday

There will be a rally on Pier 6, Brooklyn Bridge Park, this Sunday, May 15, starting at 1:00 p.m., to demand an end to all non-essential (i.e. tourist) helicopter flights from the Downtown Manhattan Heliport. Local elected officials, including Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, State Senators Daniel Squadron and Velmanette Montgomery, Assemblywoman Joan Millman, and City Council Members Steve Levin and Brad Lander, will be there. Thanks to Judy Stanton, Executive Director of the Brooklyn Heights Association and Sen. Squadron for alerting us to this. Note: this post originally said Pier 1. Thanks to reader Squiggy I’ve corrected it to give the proper location, Pier 6

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  • Squiggy

    Can you confirm pier 1? I’ve also heard pier 6.

  • gc

    Thanks to any of our representatives who can bring this blight on the heights to a stop!

  • No-Fly Zone

    There is a safety issue here as well as the noise issue!

    We don’t need numerous, unnecessary helicopters hovering over our heads in densely populated areas!

    These machines have crashed into each other, crashed into buildings, and have on occasion fallen to the ground due to malfunctions or pilot error!

    The above needs to be addressed in addition to the noise issues.

  • Red Hook noisecopter

    Just to let every one know. Most of the tourist flights have now been routed over Red Hook. Flights every few minutes 9-5. The constant drone form these copters is shocking. Think its important that we end these tourist flights once and for all. My family will certainly be at this rally.