Open Thread Wednesday 5/11/11

Illustration by Dave Basner

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  • nabeguy

    If you’re going to do a daily thread Homer, why not call it the Whine Bar?

  • Tattoo You

    Your buddy Suerte can buy his own building if he gets enough business…maybe you want to pass it along.

  • Heightsman

    Amen nabeguy. I get sh*t for pointing out the obvious. Same people different day. Self included.

  • nothanks

    @Heightster, while squadron may be doing some good, I still dislike him. He pulled an unfair and dirty move during his campaign that definitely had a huge impact on him getting elected. Martin Connor served this district for 30 years and did a fantastic job. I don’t need some kid from the suburbs representing me and my community.

  • Andrew Porter

    The water under the benches on the Promenade is caused not by the sprinklers, but by the rain, which backs up because the drains are clogged. Since the Promenade was redone, the drains have not been cleaned of their accumulated dirt, leaves, etc. Also, some of the garbage cans are placed directly over the drain holes, further blocking them. This is typical of so many problems: instead of doing preventive maintenance, you wait until things get really bad, then reconstruction which is far more costly than simply maintenance is needed.

    On Monday, I saw the Google Street-view camera car on Cranberry; it pulled up in front of the church on the north side between Henry-Hicks.

    I think Squadron should enlist in the Air Force, just to confuse everyone.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    while all this is going on I’m listening to Bloomberg, the shorting
    against dollar based bonds especially municipals is surging…

  • Gerry


    The drains are clogged?


  • sunshineBK

    anyone else hear the party in the back yard of a 152 hicks last night? Always nice to be kept awake on a sunday night at 1 am.