Work May Start on Clark Street Sinkhole This Coming Week

Judy Stanton, Executive Director of the Brooklyn Heights Association, advises us that a City official told her that the contractor hired to fill in the sinkhole (see photo) in the walkway between the foot of Clark Street and the Promenade is planning to begin work this coming week, and hopes that it may be completed within a week’s time. ” Keep in mind,” she cautions, “that the length of time it will take depends on what the cause is deemed to be after it is fully excavated.” She also noted that the hex-block pavers, matching the ones used on the walkway and the Promenade, are on order but won’t be available for a while. Until they come, the filled-in sinkhole may have to be topped with a “cold patch.” Once that is in place, the walkway will be re-opened.

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  • AnnOfOrange

    Great news – at last! Judy Stanton – thanks for your work on resolving this eyesore! My emails to Parks Department and Borough President probably came too late to help. However, all of us should keep on top of the progress.

  • GHB

    After almost a full year with the entrance blocked, they FINALLY put up a sign to tell visitors how to find the nearest available entrance.

  • spm

    Hallelujah. Judy, can they order one of those hexagonal bricks for the ramp off the Promenade to Remsen Street as well? That’s where the insane bomber started the fire that eventually led to his arrest on Remsen oh about two years ago?

  • Andrew Porter

    At least the sidewalk shed over the entrance has been removed, which is a good thing.

  • TS McGee

    “the sidewalk shed over the entrance” was due to 160 Columbia Hgts… Thanks to all of the BS necessary to complete the work within the time frame, Nothing was completed , and everyone will be be paid again.. and again …and again… and……..

  • Jorale-man

    While they’re fixing this, it would be nice if they’d repair/replace some of the broken cement on the Promenade itself. There are a couple spots that look a bit ragged.

  • michael

    That’s nice that park officials finally take of the sinking hole.
    But there are other issues that cause our concern is two of the honeylocust trees that along west side of the walkway were stroken down by the strong wind 2~3 years ago has not been replaced yet and caused further damage to the honeylocust trees that cross the walkway on the east side or in the Washington Fort section. Those damages also caused by strong wind through out the years and there is a big/huge hole in those trees part of reason is, there is no protection from strong wind since those two trees( west side) were down to portect them.