Open Thread Wednesday 4/27/11

Flickr photo by Kelly Reeves

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  • Andrew Porter

    Yesterday I cleaned the filter on my air conditioner, and folded my scarves, putting them away for the summer. At least we’re not going to have 17″ of rain like in Arkansas, but until the cold front gets here, Im already feeling nostalgic for normal temperatures.

    I read on another site that Sahadi will be expanding, adding a cheese counter where cheeses will be sliced in front of your eyes. Construction is pending approval of permits and the like.

  • Andrew Porter

    It’s spring, when those “Moving $18″ posters are once again affixed to every light pole in the neighborhood. I pulled down about half a dozen on Tuesday, and removed more a few days ago. I remove the entire set of two, and all the clear tape used to attach them. If I don’t have a knife, I use the jagged edge of a key to tear the tape. Go thou and do likewise!

  • Y

    Still no word on the massive police/SWAT presence outside 101 Clark last night around 730ish? Drug bust? Related to last years shooting? Hostage situation?

  • redrunner

    Anyone know where in Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill/DUMBO I can find a place that sells fancy hats (not extremely expensive!) that could be suitable for Royal Wedding parties and the upcoming Kentucky Derby?? Thanks!

  • CrankyOne

    I saw that too Y. I was wondering what happened. The police were wearing flak jackets. eeek.

  • weegee

    101 Clark was a barricaded “EDP” situation, person taken into custody without further incident.

  • BrooklynHeights1

    Okay has anyone encountered the HUGE homeless man in clark street station… not to be confused with the frail man in the long jacket ( he is harmless). But here is a HUGE guy who seems mentally unstable and I see him mostly at night when I come home from work.. he is always sticking plastic bags in various places over the platform and last night he was walking around with no shoes and staring at people and talking to himself. I have also seen him going to the bathroom at the end of the platform and have seen piles of YOU KNOW WHAT laying around. I know that there are police in clark street frequently and I am sure they are aware of his presence.. and I am guessing he hasn’t done anything to crazy since he is ALWAYS there.. but I have to say he is rather intimidating just due to his size, I am wondering if anyone else has had an encounter? Or has felt uncomfortable by him. Please no posts about not caring about the homeless… I DO CARE. I am the same person that posted about the lady in bourough hall that needed medical attetion.

  • BrooklynHeights1


  • travy

    heights1- have you considered buying a gun and shooting him? maybe douse him in gasoline and set him on fire?

  • BrooklynHeights1

    How was that comment productive at all “travy”, I honestly wanted to know if anyone else had seen him. But thanks for your real mature comment.

  • Wrennie

    redrunner, there’s a great place on 7th street right near mcsorley’s. village scandal, i believe it’s called. big selection, and very reasonable. i bought a hat for derby a few years ago–it was $85 or so, though the price range is pretty wide in both directions. i know it’s not in our general neck of the woods–but it’s a quick trip–worth checking out if you’re in a pinch and can’t find anything in brooklyn.

  • travy

    heights1- how is ‘oooh another scary homeless person is in the subway again’ comment productive or mature? seriously, get over it or move.

  • BrooklynHeights1

    This is an open thred, I can write about whatever want.. If it bothers you so much than don’t reply !!!!

  • sundaz

    Travy is a hater, don’t sweat it heights1.. you can write about whatever you want, but you had to of expected that some d*ck was going to comment and act all high and mighty.

  • DogLovesDog

    Heights- I have encounterd that man !!! He actually was taken away a few months ago for harrassing two 13 year old girls.. the police man that works in clark street told me to be aware of him back in december. He had seemed to of left for a while but i’ve noticed him back.. everyone should be aware.

  • brooklynheights1

    well thanks for the support.. I wouldn’t go as far and call him a “dick”, he is allowed to say whatever he wants. But I just was curious.. didn’t mean for it to start a “war’. I’m glad you agree that people should be aware of him. i’m 5’2 and 23 years old.. I get a little scared from time to time ! he was looks intimidating to me.. if that makes me heartless.. stuck up, dumb whatever have you then I am sorry.

  • brooklynheights1

    wow cannot type today… he was looking **

  • GHB

    brooklynheights1, yes we should be aware of those around us. And really, you can go so far as to call travy a d*ck. And even a d*ck can say whatever he wants.

  • travy

    i’m more of a prick, really

  • brooklynheights1

    “well thanks for the support.. I wouldn’t go as far and call him a “dick”, he is allowed to say whatever he wants” ,

    this is what I said in response to him being called a dick. I did not call him a dick.

  • AEB

    ..and thanks for the clarification, Tavy.

  • Monty

    Yeah, I have seen that guy pretty frequently. He looks like he could cause a lot of trouble if he wanted to. Despite “decorating” the station I’ve never witnessed him act aggressively toward anyone.

  • spm

    On to another subject(s):

    Does anyone else care that children are scootering (a word?) and bicyclists are biking on the Promenade? Am I the only one who tries to (nicely) stop them and explain that it’s not allowed as the signs are SO small people don’t read them. With the advent of summer and the bike rentals in the Park there are more tourists than ever who have been biking by in groups.

    Also, what can we do about the Clark Street/Promenade sinkhole? Anyone? Anyone? I’m sure the car careening down the ramp to hit the fence on the Promenade didn’t help…

  • Wrennie

    spm, the biking does bug me–not just on the Promenade, but also on sidewalks, and going the wrong way on one-way streets. I think I might go down to the park and just ask the bike rental folk to please explain to their customers what the rules for cyclists are. I honestly think that they’re just unaware that they’re breaking any rules. I also walked into Iron Chef a few weeks ago because one of their delivery bikers one night almost hit me TWICE–he was speeding down the sidewalk the wrong way, and then almost hit me again on his way back. I told someone there to please explain to their delivery bikers that they have to follow the rules. I’m not sure it did any good.

    I honestly might just start shoving people off their bikes. Watch out, jerks.

  • WillowtownCop

    It has crossed my mind to let a biker on the promenade plow into me and sue the daylights out of them, but I’m afraid it would set my career back. Any volunteers?

  • WillowtownCop

    BTW cool picture, Kelly Reeves.

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    A major new problem is the emergence of the electric delivery
    bikes..a wonderful product of china…these are 3X the weight and
    3X plus the speed.

    The ONLY way to stop dangerious bikes is:

    1) get these guys on video complete with their endangering the
    elderly and childred and…then document which restaurant or
    stroe they work for…

    2) Do your research to find who REALLY owns the business…

    3) Send a letter addressed to the legal owners making clear
    reference to the incidents you’ve seen and that they
    represent reckless endangerment. Make note that you have
    good video of this and send a high quality copy of your video
    and make Sure to send the letter REGISTERED.

    Guess what the legal liability will be the next time they injure
    or endanger someone?

    In communities where this is done, the entire range of wild
    bike behavior drops like a rock.

    But you just cant complain on a blog, you HAVE to get out and
    cause a serious legal liability for the owners….

    You can also additionally, but not as a substitute, put the behavior on You Tube….


    OZU on Clark Street is a seriously under-rated restaurant with a truly fine and varied Asian cuisine. The food is first rate and the service attentive. It is excellent for conversation, the ambient sound being muted. The lighting is pleasant and the bathrooms a modern knockout. It deserves our attention to make sure it stays with us.
    It is also, because of its ample table-spacing, good for the whole family. We just had a very successful family dinner there with some extremely advanced Foodies from the Upper West Side who totally agreed.
    Try it.

  • Jorale-man

    Appreciate the tip, @Martinlbrooklyn.

    Speaking of restaurants, I’ve now been to Colonie on Atlantic twice. Overall, I find it to be a welcome addition to the neighborhood and the food and atmosphere are both first-rate.

    My one complaint involves the way the menu is structured. There are “large dishes,” “small dishes,” and “salads.” It’s not clear however which course arrives when, and what’s supposed to be an appetizer and what’s a main course. Some of the small dishes are bigger than the large ones, for instance (the scallops were a tiny portion but labeled “large” – and $22). That made it unnecessarily confusing for myself and my dining companions.

    That one complaint aside, it’s a fine restaurant with very dedicated owners and a friendly staff.

  • Bumbee Upturn

    Heights1—–the man you mentioned once called me a “rich bitch”, and I am a man. He’s definitely not well (but maybe perceptive?)