Royal Wedding Festivities in Our Area

Unless you’re of the same mind as Mark Oppenheimer in Slate, you may be looking forward to Friday’s royal nuptials. If you’re enough of a hard-core Anglophile or insomniac, you can hie yourself to The Archway, where Water Street crosses under the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO, at 5:30 a.m. for a free giant screening of the ceremony presented by DUMBO Improvement District in partnership with BBC America. If you wish, you may stick around for more wedding-related activities “including contests and prizes for the best fancy hat and costumes for both children and adults.”

As might be expected, the Atlantic Chip Shop, 129 Atlantic Avenue (between Henry and Clinton) will be celebrating the event, though it won’t be open in the wee hours for live viewing. For the past few weeks now, the restaurant has featured a caricature of Wills and Kate in its front window, leading up to the wedding. On the big day, you can celebrate the British couple by dining on traditional “old boys club” type food, including kippers — smoked herring — and kedgeree — a curried rice with smoked haddock and hard-boiled eggs.

“Every time I say it, it sounds awful, but it’s really quite nice,” said [owner Chris] Sell. “I’m putting it on the menu because I want to eat it.”

Festivities at the Chip Shop begin at 11:00 a.m., and will include a toast to the newlyweds and a royal quiz.

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  • Bongo

    mmmmmmm, kedgeree! That may be enough to get a curmudgeon like myself to give a nod to the royal couple.

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    Brooklyn Heights has always been one of the key anglophile communities in America.

    (During the Falklands war you could see dozens of Union Jacks
    displayed sometimes quietly sometimes not so on the homes of many of our more important, read old casino, families.)

    The British have always been very astute as to how to use coronations and royal weddings to stoke the old “union now with
    Britian” element into general public excitement. A kind of general-
    ized adoration you normally get at the English Speaking union.

    But I suggest two things-first, lets say the French or the Germans
    still had a monarch and they had a royal wedding would there be this kind of media frenzy? Why not? Common language alone explains it? No, there ARE other reasons…

    Second, I suggest someone decide to simply google the Bride’s
    family on BOTH the father’s and the mother’s side…and I suggest someone simply google image the bride’s sister Pippa Middleton….

    Actions like these make you a real friend to the genuine Britian.
    One of the crown jewels of Western Civilization…and a better American.

  • Lou

    Is there anywhere on this planet I can go to escape hearing about this non-event…

  • Claude Scales

    Lou: Libya (too preoccupied), Syria and Yemen (ditto), North Korea….

  • Lou

    Any places where I am not likely to be killed? Also, I’m guessing Kim Jong Il is going to be watching…

  • x

    5am friday? im so there

  • Claude Scales

    Lou, I think it’s a safe bet the Dear Leader won’t request your presence during the ceremony.

  • redrunner

    Anyone know where in Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill/DUMBO I can find a place that sells fancy hats (not extremely expensive!) that could be suitable for Royal Wedding and the upcoming Kentucky Derby?? Thanks!

  • Ari

    ^ redrunner –

    There are plenty of hat stores in the Orthodox Jewish area of Flatbush that would have this kind of thing.

    Coney Island Ave, Avenue J, etc.