Confirmed! Seeing Eye Dog Finds Little Girl’s Missing One Armed Penguin

As we reported last night, posters asking for the return of a missing one armed stuffed penguin were spotted in the North Heights.

Behold the power of BHB! Or more likely the keen intuition of a local seeing eye dog. We received this photo of the rescue pooch and recovered penguin from “Eric” late this evening. He had posted a comment on our previous story declaring that the penguin, the property of little Luna Miller (as per poster), had been recovered. We told him that we wouldn’t believe it until PROOF OF LIFE was delivered to us.

Now if we can only decipher Ms. Miller’s phone number, we can reunite penguin and child.

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  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Great, now I can listen to Earth angel. Hey, was it Cleve Duncan
    himself who was missing?….

    A little humor helps….

  • Nancy

    That’s Fancy-sweetest dog around!!

  • TS McGee

    Maybe Brooklyn Heights Kids and dogs can be friends?

  • Min Miller (Luna’s mom)

    BH blog,

    Luna is so thrilled and excited that the amazing Eric has returned Otis, the one-armed penguin, to you.

    Please LMK how we may be able to connect to reunit Luna and Otis!

    We LOVE the BHB!!!!


  • David on Middagh

    If ever a stuffed penguin should have been named “Bandit”…

  • x

    is this a homemade doll? Because I have never seen an anatomically incorrect stuffed animal for sale

  • T.K. Small

    x: Actually, there is one part of the world where many of these toys all end up.