Canadian Bagels Coming Soon, Now with a Sign

A BHB tipster sent in this photo of a poster in the window of the soon-to-be B&B Empire Bagel store at 200 Clinton Street. They’ve got a nifty website and a “viral” video explaining what a Montreal bagel is — for one thing it’s sweeter than a New York bagel. Another is that it most likely sounds like Celine Dion…

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  • Publius


  • Claude Scales

    daft: Yes, at the northwest corner of Atlantic and Clinton.

  • C.

    agree with Publius

  • George Earl

    Gonna bring lots of needed business and a neatly-kept vendor to the Heights!

  • GHB

    Given the lack of decent New York bagels in the neighborhood, I welcome this addition.

  • TS McGee

    I wish them luck. That corner spot has looked shady as long as I’ve lived here. I welcome any business that will use that space constructively.

  • PJ

    I agree with George and GHB, this is a welcome addition to the neighborhood!

  • Andrew Porter

    I have been peering into this place over the passing weeks, and although there have been workers inside, construction is going Very Slowly. Bet Two for the Pot will be much happier when they finally open up.

    This store will supplement the British Empire themed restaurants, such as The Chip Shop, which are clustered at the western edge of Atlantic Avenue. When there are football (read: soccer) games and series, the bars there come alive.

  • David G

    I had my first Montreal-style bagel in Vermont a few years back and it was delicious. I am really excited for this and look forward to never going back to Montague Bagels again.

  • AEB

    Only in America would a Canadian company end up in Brooklyn producing a quintessentially Old World Jewish specialty.

  • Andrew Porter

    Wow, that’s weird…

  • Homer Fink

    @victoria – Madam, the “owner” of the bagel place has nothing to do with this site. However if you are violating OUR terms of use, you comments will be deleted.

  • WillowtownCop

    Victoria- I hate to burst your bubble, but a bagel shop is not exactly an original idea that can be stolen. Not even a Canadian one … they are all over Canada, and Hoyt St.

  • Bella O.

    I tried Montreal bagels once and they are absolutely wonderful – but they are only good fresh. This looks very promising!

  • suzette

    Can’t wait for an alternate bagel place than what Montague Street has to offer!