Fireworks Tonight

Tonight at 9PM the annual Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks spectacular will light up the sky. Best place from Brooklyn Heights to check out the festivities is from the Promenade or from your roof. Performing at the show tonight are Natasha Bedingfield, Kenny Chesney along with American Idol’s Katharine McPhee and Jordin Sparks. The event will be broadcast live on WNBC-TV 4 and 1010WINS radio.

Official Macy’s July 4 Fireworks website [Macy’s]

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  • Andrew Porter

    I’m looking forward to all the visitors leaving trash in the planters in front of buildings, or on ledges and stuff, instead of placing it in the trash cans. Also, having flowers dug up and disappearing from planters throughout BH. “Gee, this is pretty! I’ll just dig up a couple of these. The rich people here can always buy more….”

  • dr. moriarti

    Gee, this comment is pretty (lame). Let me take a dig at it: Maybe just a few visitors leave the mess, and most people are actually taking advantage of public space that is maintained by borough taxes not just your neighborhood tax, so not only do they have a right to to visit the space, and in fact they pay the city to clean up, what is likely the city’s failure to provide adequate garbage receptacles. who knows, maybe you are right: perhaps only wealthy people should be allowed on the promenade. sorry about your flowers andrew.

  • WaterBoy

    Nicely said Dr. Moriarti. We live in a “destination” neighborhood. Happens twice a year. Halloween and Fourth of July. If it really bothers anyone then make a note of it and head out of town.

    People who live in Greenwich Village, the East Village, Ninth Avenue Fifth Avenue, the Tribeca Film Festival and Coney Island are all in “destination neighborhoods.” It’s what gives your neighborhood cachet.

    I for one am flattered that I can live in the heart of it all and gladly put up with the extremely minor inconvenience that comes with hosting so many mostly well-behaved visitors.

  • bp

    Here is this year’s finale.

    Unfortunately, this will be the last year that I will be able to provide the video from this vantage point.