Filming Thursday on Cranberry and Hicks – Move Your Car!

A film crew will be shoot something for “Amex” tomorrow (3/24) from 6am – 11pm on Hicks and Cranberry Streets. Cones are already out on Hicks Street, so move your car if it’s in that area or risk “relocation”.

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  • stuart little

    I think the BHA gets $100 every time one of these shoots
    takes place, and the executive director of that organization
    considers that gravy on top of the real bonus -torturing car owners
    in the Heights. She doesn’t need a car,,,,why should you?

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Film production does bring business to our city. But some of the film people are not respectful of a neighborhood and have con-
    tempt for residents.

    Well a couple of years ago, they were filming on Monroe and pierrepont and they decided to be arrogaant with several of
    the seniors. Not Smart in a neighborhood like this….
    Shortly after thier aggressive behviors an unknown group
    of apparent radio activists “somehow” detuned every linear
    operating in the area. And for some reason the resulting
    emissions “somehow” entered every audio/recording equip
    ment at the filming site. I still cant think how this happened.
    Want to know what the response of the “film people” was?
    From the Director on down total panic…They demanded the police at the scene find where the signals were coming from
    and “do something” (the term arrest was used) about whom
    ever was responsible. Hmmm….couldnt they integrate the
    rockabilly and the VERY non PC social/political comments into the script? ..all this was difficult for me to view, for some reason I found myself in convulsions on the floor of my car parked on monroe. So it was hard for me to view the events at the time….
    Then “someone” decided to have a quiet talk with the “creative
    artists” about what was not acceptable in the Heights. I think
    the comment was made “we’re not the Heights association” was made during the contact From an associate of the Heights group who arrived on the scene on a Boss Hoss….

    After that I understand for some reason the filming proceeded Sans aggressive gaffers….

    We should all avoid behavior such as these very misguided Heights people who behaved in this way.

  • TS McGee

    F#@% THAT!!!!

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Part of the secret history of the real Brooklyn Heights.

  • tb

    They closed off the sidewalk this morning.. is that even legal???

  • Andrea

    I am personally tired of all the filming in the Heights – especially since we have a car and it’s always difficult finding spots when they take anywhere between 2 to 15 streets at a time. Plus only Montague Street has a BID which can receive donations from these film shoots. They bring in their own food etc. so the neighborhood does not benefit.

    I’ve often suggested plus written and spoken to the Mayor’s film office to at least make these companies donate trash cans, trees, planters, etc. to help improve certain parts of the neighborhood but it’s fallen on deaf ears. I’ve heard crew members yelling at pedestrians and demanding that people do not walk down the sidewalk to their apartments or churches while they are filming. Does anyone else feel this way? Just wondering.

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Well read my earlier post above-it got so bad with film persons
    yelling orders(!) at the elderly residents. They really tried to
    muscle everyone. Then “for some reason I cant imagine”
    their production was “apparently” stopped dead by an
    apparent electronic storm generated by local radio activists
    Well, rockabilly and highly non PC comments may have enhanced the film dialog…but for some reason the director didnt think so.

    So disrespectful behavior towards the neighbor is an old, old story.
    On the other hand, there have been filmings with crews who were
    in no way offensive.