Pop Up Park, Open All Summer

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy rolled out its “Pop Up Park” today at Pier 1.   It will be open for outdoor fun 7 days a week from 10am – 10pm until Labor Day.  Brownstoner uses the occaision to lament what’s happenin’ with the “real” Brooklyn Bridge Park.

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  • Publius

    I checked out Pier 1 at lunch today. Not bad. The bar/restaurant looks good. Mexican menu: fish tacos, burritos, elotes (that’s Mexican corn with cheese for you Gringos), a number of yupscale beers, a few deserts. Nice.

    Big sandbox for kids. Lots of picnic tables. Good view at the end of the pier jutting out of the East River.

    No dogs allowed on the new pop up park. I suppose the organizers realize the sandbox will be too tempting for the dogs, if ya know what I mean.

    BTW, I kind of like the waterfalls. They don’t suck. I don’t think they’ll qualify for an eighth wonder of the world, but I they’re a nice addition.

  • Chris

    There’s a bar restaurant? I didn’t know that. That’s cool.

  • Review of Pier 1 Bar/Restaurant

    So disappointing. Whomever at the BBPC gave the concession to Rice must be smoking the glass pipe, or sleeping with the owner.

    IMHO, Rice is one of the worst restaurants in NYC. It boggles my mind how they stay in business serving poor tasting food.

    So here’s my review:

    Everything on the menu is sold out at 8pm, except for hot dogs, fries, Mexican corn, and drinks.

    The white sangria was terrible. Disgraceful.

    The fries were stale and tastless. On the first day!

    The hot dog was 3x the price of the Sabrette vendor stationed 50ft away and not nearly as good.

    The Mexican corn was overcooked, and relatively tasteless.

    Such a pity.

    But the view from Pier 1 is magnificent.

    The play here is to get a Grimaldi’s pizza and dine al fresco in the pier.

  • HDEB

    I think Rice is yummy, though I haven’t tried their concession at the “pop up” park.
    Let’s hope this temporary park is just a taste of a wonderful new park to come.

  • clarknt67

    Odd, I love Rice. The curry shrimp is very yummy and their sticky rice is gummy and delish. To each their own. Rice has been vendors at the Film Series under the Bridge. I think they’re a good choice, reasonable prices too, which is thoughtful. Truth is, not everyone in interested in doing vending. You can’t assume every restaurant is happy to juggle the logistics of hiring extra people and set up a remote location.

  • jenny from the block

    I agree with HDEB. Rice is yummy. I have been on more than one occassion and it is pretty reasonably priced. I was never dissappointed.

    As for the park, well you can’t beat the view. Although I didn’t think I would, I do like the waterfalls. My son loved the sandbox too. I was pleasantly suprised.